Happy New Year

I just looked at my traffic stats.  It's hovered around 20 – 30,000 hits (what "hits" means, I'm not sure) per month for years, without me even posting much.  I don't know who is out there reading this stuff, but a big thank you!  Then, I secured the site, did some SEO analysis, fixed some code problems, then in November it jumped up to 40 grand/month.  Then, in December, 55 grand!

Wow.  Thank you. 

I was thinking of writing an expansive essay on why the rise of the Norman/Church domination of Britain and Europe a thousand years ago changed the world in ways that are still with us today (which is really what this site and everything I write is really all about) but I think I've had too much to drink at this hour to attempt it.  I will, though!  Stay tuned.  And Happy New Year to all.  May 2019 be a blessed, happy, and prosperous year for all of my readers and their loved ones.


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