The World is Flat

And the sun and the planets and the stars all revolve around the earth, which is at the center of the universe, and medieval astronomers jumped through hoops trying to explain how all that worked, until people like Copernicus and Galileo stood up and said, no, the earth revolves around the sun, etc.

That kind of talk could get you into big trouble with the Church back then, who would brand you a heretic. These days, alluding to the truth gets you the same, essentially, but worded differently: you’re a “conspiracy theorist nut-job”

A little while back, Bill Kristol made public his endorsement of a 3rd party candidate named David French. (Who?) And pundits were trying to figure out what the $#%& Kristol was thinking. Are his “conservative principles” so pure that he would rather derail a Donald Trump presidency and, essentially, guarantee a win for the democrats and Hillary Clinton, rather than see Trump actually in the Oval Office?  Well, no, and yes.  Are his conservative principals so pure?  No.  Would he (actually his puppeteers) rather see Hillary in the White House?  A resounding yes.  Trump, whether you love him or hate him, is a true outsider who actually wants to fix stuff (a nightmare for the establishment elite, who like things just fine the way they are, even though the country is going to h@ll in a hand-basket).   Kristol is in the tank, the same tank that Hillary and Bill and Obama and the Bushes (and Mitt Romney, too) swim in, and guess what. It’s a no-outsiders-allowed pool we’re talking about.  Republicans and Democrats alike are welcomed into the pool, but you have to jump through a certain number of hoops first to get in.

Of course, this is supposed to be a government by and for the people, and the guy or gal who gets the most votes is supposed to win and take office, but that whole idea got thrown out long ago, when the true powers behind the curtain figured out how to rig everything so that only candidates with their rubber stamp could ever possibly run the gauntlet, survive the process and get elected to the country’s “highest” office.

They let JFK in there, who they viewed as a pretty face that could be controlled by his father, Joe Kennedy, a longtime Council on Foreign Relations member in good standing. They were wrong: Kennedy took a good look around, and started making changes. He threatened to pull out of Vietnam and stop that nonsense, made verbal his intention to scatter the CIA “to the four winds,” and, worst of all, issued an executive order permitting the treasury to print money (so-called “Kennedy notes” … about 4 billion-worth were printed, a no-no which threatened to undercut the power of the Federal Reserve).   Apparently Joe was incapable of controlling his son-gone-mad, so of course they (TM) had to shoot him.

Today, the evidence of conspiracy is as plain as day.  One retired FBI chief, searching for some way to explain FBI Director James Comey’s statements, today, said, on a popular cable TV news channel, (I’m paraphrasing), ‘someone must have beaten him up.’  Yeah!  — He got a phone call!

When Bill Clinton got caught meeting with Loretta Lynch on her plane and the news broke, the s#it hit the fan behind the curtain; excrement was (I’m speculating) flying everywhere, everyone’s cell phones were ringing, comments, like, who leaked that story?  How could Bill and Hillary be so stupid as to screw this up like this?  Then, the next day, Lynch, who apparently doesn’t quite understand who butters her bread, promised to accept the FBI’s recommendation in the Hillary case.  What!!??  What the @#^% are we going to do, now!??  Well, there’s only one thing we can do, at this point.  Stop the whole thing at the FBI.

But James Comey is a straight-shooter, how can we get to him?  Well, apparently they found a way, and I’ll bet the last 48 hours were the worst in James Comey’s life.  I’ll bet that after he finished delivering that address, he drove (or was driven) home, locked the door, took an aspirin, unplugged the phone, kicked the dog, got into bed and pulled the covers over his head.

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