Think what you might about him, but he is a real outsider. The “men behind the curtain” are freaking out. Actually, I hope he wins. The bus, with all of us all riding on it, is being driven by Obama, who has his foot on the gas, heading toward a cliff (’cause his handlers, or his handler’s handler’s — ehr, their real goal is to destroy the fabric of America). I just hope Trump, if he wins, is smart enough to fire all his Secret Service guards and hire his own people.

The last time someone, with enough gumption to really challenge the status quo, was in office, was JFK. He threatened to disperse the CIA “to the four winds,” intended to pull out of Vietnam, and had issued an Executive Order allowing the Treasury to print money. NOT Federal Reserve notes. (There were about 4 billion worth of “Kennedy notes” printed. Oh, no, you can’t do that!) So, hey, they had no choice. They had to shoot him.

Donald, please. If you actually get in there, fire your Secret Service people. You’ve got enough money, surely you can hire some trusted body-guards.

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