The real (or one of the real) reason(s) we are at war against radical Islam, ISIS, et al., is that Islam bans usury, the charging of interest by banks. That’s prevented the bankers from really getting their claws into that resource-rich part of the world, and the only play in their playbook for change is ‘order out of chaos’ — blow it up and rebuild it with a new blueprint. AND, “they” are very patient. They think in terms of decades, generations. Preparations for the ‘war on terror’ trace back at least to the 70s, for in 1979 Zbignew Brzrezinski (yeah, media talking-head Mika Brzezinski’s dad, long-time pal of David Rockefeller and Nat. Security Advisor to Jimmy Carter as well as several other presidents) convinced Jimmy to sign off on a plan to send Mujahedeen on raids into the USSR to provoke a response. He bragged about it (his single-handedly bringing down the Soviet Empire) in an interview w/ a French magazine. That covert (Afghan-Soviet) war, which was managed for our CIA by Osama Bin Laden (!?!) marked the beginnings of radical Islam.

And speaking of banking cartels, you know that the Federal Reserve is a private entity, right? It’s not a government institution. Some call it “quasi-governmental,” but the fact is that the 12 regional banks of the Federal Reserve are privately owned. True, they, as per the contract with the US government hammered out in 1910 (3 years before the passage of the act) they turn their profits over to the Treasury every year. But not before the stockholders receive their dividends (I think it’s like 6.5 percent … what’s 6.5 percent of the profits of the Federal Reserve worth? I have no idea but I’d like a piece of that!), and of course, the Federal Reserve has never been audited. Bottom line, though, the real power wielded by the (secret) owners of the Federal Reserve is the ability to control interest rates. They can manage (not just predict, but create) booms and busts.

Anyway, yeah, bankers rule the world, or, most of it. They are working on getting control of all of it, they want total control. Aaron Russo, who Nicholas Rockefeller apparently tried to recruit into the elite circle (first, membership in the CFR), and who declined BTW, purportedly asked him, what’s the goal? You already have all this wealth and power; what are you people trying to do? Nick replied, as relayed by Russo, “we want everyone “chipped.” One-World-Government, with them in charge, is their goal, as stated by James Warburg, son of Paul Warburg, architect of the Federal Reserve Act. February, 1950, James Warburg stated, in front of the Senate sub-committee on Foreign Relations (it’s on the record): “We will have one-world government, whether by consent or conquest.” They just didn’t bank on Donald Trump. Thank goodness Donald (who I doubt really even understands how deep all this goes and what he’s up against) is derailing all of their plans and giving new hope to the one and only time in history that a people stood up and said, we are free and independent and rule ourselves under our own constitutional government. I just find it so sad that half the country doesn’t understand that they’re rooting for the bad guys and trying to destroy the one and only person that had the money and the courage to go up against them … and win!

Interesting times we live in, for sure.

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