The world’s gonna end tomorrow, haven’t you heard???

Uhm, the idea of the Rapture is nothing more than a (somewhat crazy) interpretation of a single passage in Revelations, and was cooked up in the middle-late 19th century and promoted primarily by Charles Taze Russell in the US and Henry Drummond in the UK. The Drummonds descend from the Arpads, who in turn were (or claimed to be) decendents of Attilla the Hun, while the Russells trace back to one of the original Templar Knights as well as a Russell who fought on the field of Hastings with William the Conqueror. FDR’s grandfather, Warren Delano, ran the Russell opium company in China.

What where they up to? Gaining Christian support for the (at that time ridiculous) idea of a Jewish homeland in Palestine?

I know why the Rothschilds were finally swayed to support Zionism after 1908 when oil was discovered in Persia (they were mainly unsupportive before that). There was oil in them hills.

But, why two guys from those two uber-elite families were spouting Christian Zionist docrine nearly half-a-century before that?

Kind of a mystery to me. Feel free to contemplate.

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  1. elreb said,

    Technically, you can go back to Noah, Abram or even Perseus…where the “always pissed off god” wants to destroy his own children.  
    At least in the case of “Pele”, she erupted out of love…to be closer to her humans. She literally gave them the Earth they walked on.
    I think the Christians need a friendlier god…

  2. admin said,

    We inherited the "angry god" because he happened to be the one (the "storm god") who was left standing after the monotheists (starting with Akhenaten) kicked all the others out.   There was balance in the old pagan pantheon, aggressive males paired with nurturing females … then all but the angry male "one-god" was rejected and we have all the old-testament stories … a "one-god" getting angry all the time and throwing fire-and-brimstone at everyone. 


    This has its parallel in the pairing of the dragon with the phoenix – which is revered in China but is absent in the West.  

    Hmm, maybe that has something to do with the warlike nature of the "dragon" as manifest in the West?  No "female" Phoenix to moderate its aggressive nature???

  3. elreb said,

    In the movie “MIB” the CIA…code named “Cockroach”…wants to take over Earth.
    Their leader “POS” [piece of sh*t] disguised as the president of US is actually a member of an alien dragon family.
    POS has determined that humans with an income less than $250,000 per year must be exterminated or enslaved.
    In the end the COW’s [cowards] give in MIB, who in turn…allows the Cockroach to rule mankind. [Resulting in the end of the World]

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