An Outsider Really in Charge? — NWO Sidelined.

My policy is, never to post anything political on Facebook.  Fortunately or unfortunately, I broke that rule a few weeks ago. I come from a recording livelihood and live in Tucson, AZ, where many of my dear friends work in music or the arts, and (like I once was), are liberal, or Democratic in their thinking, being big-hearted, caring people. That’s why I owe it to them, and myself, to explain why my political outlook has shifted, and why I am very optimistic for the future of our country at this critical point in our collective history.

I must preface this by saying that what follows it not for the feint of heart. Either you’ll tag me a complete lunatic and delusional, or the following will explode your world-view. Personally, I was awakened over a period of 15 years of research (for a book I’m writing). Conversely, to have this all laid out in one shot may be traumatic. So be forewarned, what follows is, as I have come to understand it, our true history, and it is not what you or I were led to believe, or taught in school. Also, this, by necessity, will be quite long, and I appeal to anyone who proceeds to read this to the end.

Finally, before I start, if anything that follows seems incredulous, look it up. You have Wikipedia, you have Google; look it up, investigate. My intention is not to misinform, but to illuminate.

All that said —

Because the Knights Templar play a major role in this narrative, we’ll need to dive pretty deep into history. A good place to start, I think, is with the conquering of England in 1066 by William the Norman (thereafter known as William the Conqueror).

The dynastic family that Duke William, backed by the Pope, tossed off their throne were the Aethelings, descended from Aelfred the Great, a man who, essentially, single-handedly saved an embyonic England from being overrun by Vikings in the 9th century, laid the foundations for the island nation we know as England, and whose name I interpret as Elf-red the Great, i.e. the Great Red Elf. (I’m not joking … I’m convinced this dynastic family were of a distinct race, long extinct, who we remember as “elves” and “fairies.” Call me crazy, but go look up the Wikipedia page for Alfred the Great. At the top, it says, “elf counsel” and “wise elf”!).

One day, I had a hunch that Charles Dogston (pen-name Lewis Carroll) wrote about this watermark event in the overturning of the world order in his books about Alice in Wonderland, and that his red and white queens represented, respectively, Duke William and the usurped Aethelings.  And so I read his books anew, looking for clues.  Sure enough, the mouse, in his “driest thing I know” speech, tells the story of William’s invasion and the final submission to the Conqueror by the last Aetheling king, Edgar.

It is significant that Duke (now King) William threw all the Anglo-Saxon (and/or elvin?) landowners off of their estates throughout England, and awarded those properties to his friends and cousins that helped him conquer the country. (There are a couple of exceptions; traitorous Anglo-Saxon families that supported William and were rewarded.)   But, essentially, English aristocracy, following William’s victory/usurpation, became overwhelmingly Norman.

Backing up, the “elves” that I spoke of, had long ago (following the Crucifixion), merged bloodlines with the ‘desposyni,’ or descendants of the family of Jesus. The most certain of this blood-merging would be that of Anna of Arimathea (Jesus’ niece) to Bran “the Blessed” Fendigaid, King of Siluria (in modern Wales), and there is possibly at least one other link. Descendants of this desposynic/elven union were the ‘Fisher Kings,’ or ‘Gra’al Kings,’ whose line, after about a dozen generations, intermarried (twice) into the bloodline of the rising Frankish kings in Gaul, resulting in the Merovingians, the “long-haired monarchs.” (Interestingly, Samson of the Bible also purportedly drew his strength from his long hair, and one Merovingian king even named one of his sons Samson.)

The resulting royal dynasty and their cadet branches (and intermarriage with the Davidic Judiarchs of Septemania at the onset of the Carolingian Kings) would eventually result in a network of royal bloodlines in Europe: the Houses of Vermandois, Luxembourg, the Counts of Champagne, Aquitaine and Toulous, and the Fulks of Anjou. East of the Frankish kingdom, in the Holy Roman Empire, Houses Hohenstaufen, Flanders, Wittelsbach/Wettin, Brunswick & Babenberg also appear to fit into this quilt of royal families. (There is an interesting  theory out there, one that I find compelling, that these Germanic Houses were immortalized in the characters of the Flintstones cartoon a millennium later … really! Frederick Hohenstaufen=Fred, Flanders=Wilma, Wettin=Betty, Brunswick=Barney, two competing houses of Babenberg, the ‘Popponids,’ represented by Pebbles, and another branch centered at Bamberg castle, hence, “BamBam”), and finally, apparently, the senior of all these European branches, the House of Lorraine. While outwardly Catholic, these families, being of, to varying degrees, desposynic, i.e. of Davidic blood, would be branded heretics and targeted by the Church if exposed. The Flintsones cartoon “myth-writers” even alluded to this, by naming the town ‘Bedrock’ (in contrast to “the rock” the Catholic Church was founded on, Peter).

This is a massive subject that I can’t really do justice here, but by the 11th century, the Church had become very powerful (in the 8th century the Church had whipped out a forged document called the Donation of Constantine and created for itself the power to “annoint” kings, a power they were beginning to exercise more and more) and, following the ouster of the Aethelings by William the Conqueror, these dynastic families were getting nervous and sought to turn the pendulum of power in Europe back in their direction.  So in the last decade of the 11th century, a number of nobles from some of these Houses (along with a mysterious band of monks from Calabria, Italy), met in Lorraine to plan an invasion of Jerusalem, led by Godfrey de Boullion, the Duke of Lorraine. Meanwhile, Bernard of Clairvaux (in Champagne), a rising star within the Church of Rome, maneuvered to have Bishops friendly to their cause promoted, one being Innocent II, who, as Pope, would later issue a Papal Bull to legitimize the Templar Knights.

The First Crusade was successful, and Godfrey’s brother Baldwin was crowned king, with members of other allied families taking turns (as Kings or Queens of Jerusalem) after him. A military arm of this conspiracy to counter the power of the Church was created, the Templar Knights (in spite their being, officially, the “Pope’s Militia”). Literature began to be published around Europe and Britain, telling stories of the Grail (including the Arthurian tales). Noble women, predominantly in Aquitaine, Provence and Champagne, began holding ‘Courts of Love,’ whereby the rules of chivalry and romantic love were debated. (Prior to the 12th century, the concept of romantic love did not exist. Only rape and arranged marriages were the norm.)  Finally, Troubadours were riding around, singing ‘love poetry.’ All of this was a multi-pronged effort to wrest the collective psyche of European culture from the dark dogma of the Roman Church and into the light, so to speak.

Meanwhile, the order of the Knights Templar grew by the thousands, and under their direction, countless cathedrals and castles were built, while the order created both the first international banking network (they invented the “check”) and operated a huge commercial enterprise across the whole of Christendom.

The Templars were predominantly Norman. These were “monks” of the warrior class. Normans were un-matched in warfare, being, essentially, Vikings in French clothing. William’s ancestor of a couple centuries earlier, Rollo ‘the Viking,’ had invaded France with his “Norsemen” and was bought off by Charles ‘the Simple,’ winning Normandy. It wasn’t long before these Normans invaded and conquered southern Italy and Sicily. Their next foray was, of course, into merry ol’ England, and over the centuries, even as this pillaging people morphed into bankers, slave-traders and opium-peddlers, who viewed the whole world as a vast resource ripe for exploitation — no, sorry; I’m getting ahead of myself …

The Templar Knights became as arrogant as they became incredibly wealthy, and in 1187, for their stupidity, lost Jerusalem to Saladin. The close-knit band of dynastic families that had originally fostered the Templars (who, according to Henry Lincoln and co-writers of ‘Holy Blood Holy Grail,’ had created their own order, following the conquering of Jerusalem and before assembling the first Templar Knights, the ‘Priory of Sion,’ whose actual existence is documented, despite “debunker” claims), broke with the Templar order the next year, in 1188, officially and symbolically with the ‘Cutting of the Elm.’ What followed was a strained relationship between the two powerful groups, until, finally, the Priory, or one of its leaders (possibly Guillaume de Gisors?  This is all very controversial) colluded with Philippe IV ‘the Fair,’ who was in deep debt to the Templars, and assisted him in having the order banned, albeit while tipping off selected preceptories as to the impending raids.

Anyway, citing rumors of heretical practices, Philippe let loose coordinated raids on Friday, October 13th, 1307, and arrested all of the Templars his agents could find. Many were tortured, some burned, but many escaped arrest and fled France: some to Scotland, which was under excommunication, thus outside of the reach of the Church, some to Switzerland (where their descendants, some claim, would eventually create a dominant banking industry), and many to Spain and Portugal. In Spain they entered existing military orders; in Portugal they created a new one, the Knights of Christ.

The presence of Templar refugees, who were expert mariners, in Portugal and Spain fueled the Spanish Golden Age, the period of world exploration spearheaded by people like Magellan, Henry the Navigator and Christopher Columbus.

Then the Church launched the Spanish Inquisition.

It wasn’t just Jews who were persecuted during the Inquisition; the Templar remnant soon found their properties confiscated by Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand, and, being descended from a “heretic” order and vulnerable under the Inquisition’s watchful eye, began to look for greener pastures. Meanwhile, Elizabeth I ended Catholic authority in England and established the Anglican Church, while the Netherlands kicked the Spanish out of their lands and advertised religious tolerance. So that’s where much of this Templar remnant went, and they took their seafaring expertise with them. Spanish dominance on the seas went into decline, while English and Dutch navies became dominant.

Soon after, at the beginning of the 17th century, the British and Dutch East India Companies were established (coincidence? I think not.), and Freemasonry followed soon afterward, with lodges established not just on the continent and in Scotland and England, but all along the trade routes. The British aristocracy (which was overwhelmingly Norman), the Dutch aristocracy (also Norman to large degree), the Templar remnant and even Jewish merchants who had been business partners with the orders in Spain, all banded together to reap huge profits while British and Dutch ships colonized the world (quite brutally, I might add). At its apex, the British East India Company accounted for fully half of England’s economy. Much of this was in the trade of spices, but a major and lucrative part of East India Co. business was in the trade of opium (in China, dominated by the British) and in the West Indies slave trade (dominated by the Dutch).

These two companies, the first multi-national corporations in world history, guarded their monopolies with cannon; however, they let a few colonial families in New England in on the rackets. Brothers Johanne and Jacob Roosevelt, (Norman) Dutch ancestors of Teddy Roosevelt and FDR respectively, owned the slaving ship, the Expedition. The (Norman descended) Perkins family was allowed to participate in the opium trade in China, as were the (Norman descended) Russells and (also Norman descended) Joseph Peabody.  Russell and Co.’s China operations were managed by Warren Delano, grandfather of FDR. The Forbes family partnered in drug-peddling with the Perkins, and (Norman descended) John Jacob Astor also dabbled in the opium trade.

Not only were these families all of Norman descent (which is why they were let in on these lucrative markets in the first place, and incidentally, nearly all of these families could actually claim an ancestor who fought with Duke William at Hastings!) they intermarried incestuously. Other marriage-related New England families, that were also fiercely allied with their English cousins (but made their fortunes in other industries) included those of (again, nearly all of Norman descent) Cabot, Lowell, Low, Lodge, Brown, Pierpont, Root, Cushing, Higginson, Deming and Averell (surname after which Averell Harriman, “Bonesman” partner of Prescott Bush, is named).  A number of these families pooled their resources and founded the Ivy League schools: Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Columbia U., during our colonial history.

Then something extraordinary happened. Founding fathers John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington (and others) decided it was time for the colonies to break away from Britain, and issued the Declaration of Independence.

This New England aristocracy immediately became critically important to their British cousins in their effort to stop this revolutionary craziness. A number of these men, who resided in Essex County, north of Boston, came to be termed the ‘Essex Junto.’ They were members of families Cabot, Lodge, Higgenson, Lowell and others, and who would recruit Aaron Burr to their cause.

We were all led to believe that the Revolutionary War ended with Cornwallis’ surrender at Yorktown in 1781. It didn’t, not by a long shot.

This Essex crowd, who were Federalists, attempted to win over the leader of their party, Alexander Hamilton, to their cause. Hamilton refused, and he did more than that. He fought virulently against them, thwarting their efforts to elect Aaron Burr to the presidency (Burr served as VP under Jefferson) and then to the governorship of New York (if they could get control of New York, they figured they’d have enough clout to take all of New England and secede … Hamilton dashed those hopes with his pen).  Aaron Burr finally goaded Hamilton into a duel and famously shot and killed him.

While these “Brahmin” families were overwhelmingly British loyalists of Norman descent, there was a Swiss component to this conspiracy, as well. One of the Swiss conspirators, Albert Gallatin, served as Secretary of the Treasury under Jefferson and Madison, fought (secretly) against the success of the Nation, and was the instigator of the “Whiskey Rebellion” in Pennsylvania (that was put down personally by Washington and Hamilton).

Next came the so-called “Second War of Independence,” the War of 1812, in which these traitors of Essex and other New England Counties won the nickname, “blue-lighters,” for using blue lanterns to signal to English ships (in order to undermine the blockade that was in force). Using their political influence, these royalists managed to create enough division and stalemate within the US government to paralyze the country, just as the British were burning down the Capitol in Washington D.C.

Then, in 1814, Matthew Cary, one of Benjamin Franklin’s protoges, published ‘Olive Branch,’ the 2nd best-selling book of the 19th century, which laid bare the mechanizations of the Essex Junto.  The country rallied, the British were defeated, the cockroaches were exposed for what they were, scurried into their dark corners, and the Union was preserved.

The War of 1812 had left America’s finances in shambles, and now-President James Madison (“Father of the Constitution”) signed into creation the 2nd National Bank of the United States (which he had previously opposed), to facilitate the credit needed to rebuild the country, in 1816. (Hamilton would have approved.)

The bank’s charter ran out in 1832, when Andrew Jackson vetoed its re-chartering.

Many consider Andrew Jackson a hero for his rejection of this re-chartering of the 2nd National Bank.  But this bank, unlike the later Federal Reserve (a privately-owned cartel), was an asset to the still-struggling nation, and my guess is that the anti-American traitors supported Jackson in his decision (if they didn’t have something to do with it).

Jackson was a slave-holder (he owned a couple hundred slaves), and was the architect of the ‘Trail of Tears,’ whereby the entire Cherokee nation (and other native American tribes) were force-marched from southeastern states (from Kentucky to Georgia) to the future Oklahoma Territory, along which a quarter of the native Americans died.

(Jackson was also a Democrat, in fact, he is considered the “Father of the Democratic Party.”  I’ll weigh in on that a little more, later.)

The 1830’s saw renewed activity among a new generation of anti-Americanists.  Among the men active in this period leading up to the Civil War were Thomas Higginson, John Quitman (leader of a failed attempt to invade Cuba), James Bullock (co-Cuba conspirator and Teddy Roosevelt’s uncle), Samuel Cabot, Caleb Cushing (Attorney General under puppet-in-chief Pierce), his protégé, William Garrison, and dozens of others. To get an idea what was in the hearts of these men, two quotes:

“You say we are traitors, fanatics. That is what we came here to be. That is a clear complement. You say we are weak, powerless. Are we?  Give us five years, and let us see … all we ask is, open the doors of your powder magazine, and let us try!

“… I tell you, let another war come in Kansas, and no power on earth can prevent a border war between Missouri and Iowa …”

Thomas Higginson.

And by William Garrison, describing the US Constitution as:

“the most bloody and heaven-daring arrangement ever made by men for the continuation and protection of the most atrocious villainy ever exhibited on earth.”

To give an overview, the anti-American sneaks conspired to rip the Nation in two, via a number of strategies. They:

Funded and supported the Abolitionist movement in the north.

Funded and supported the Secessionist movement in the south.

Armed and supported John Brown and his followers.

Armed and trained bands of thugs to cause mayhem in Kansas and Missouri.

And finally, from a newly established “Knights of the Golden Circle,” a masonic lodge set up in Cincinatti in 1854, recruited and trained troops in the Gulf States pursuant to creating a “Golden Circle,” a giant Slave State loyal to Britain that would encompass the American South, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America. This enterprise failed miserably; however, European allies were able to conquer and hold on to Mexico for a few short years, installing Maximilian as Emperor.  Interestingly, this is why Cinco de Mayo is celebrated in the US, but not in Mexico (excepting States Puebla, where the final defeat of the French took place, and neighboring Veracruz).

While the anti-Americanists were able to get the Civil War started, they lost in the end, as the Union was preserved, and slavery was ended with Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation.

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic and over the course of the 19th century, two European Jewish banking families, the Rothchilds and the Warburgs, amassed huge wealth. Lord Nathan Rothschild of London was keen to join the ranks of the British elite, and was actually elected 4 times to the House of Commons … but was required to place his hand on the Christian Bible and recite the Parliamentary Oath, un-altered to accommodate his Jewish faith, thus preventing his admittance. The British aristocracy apparently didn’t want any “Jew bankers” in their midst, no matter how wealthy.

Under (Queen Victoria’s PM) Disraeli, a converted Anglican, however, Parliament finally allowed concessions, and Lord Rothschild was admitted “into the club” in 1865, just as the Civil War was ending. That same year, Jacob Schiff, a prominent German banker with close ties to the Rothschilds, emigrated to New York, married the daughter of Solomon Loeb, and eventually took over as head of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. (later to merge with Lehman Bros. Bank). From this position Schiff helped capitalize both the Rockefeller (oil) and Harriman (railroad) empires. (Paul Warburg, “architect of the Federal Reserve Act,” would later emigrate and join Schiff at Kuhn and Loeb in 1902.)

Meanwhile, in 1869, a Rothschild associate named George Peabody, who made his fortune first in dry goods and slave trading in Baltimore, and then as an investment banker in London, died childless, and left his firm to his protégé, Junius Spencer Morgan. His son, John Pierpont Morgan would later move operations to New York and become the most powerful banker in America. A note of interest, the families of all three of these entrepreneurs, J.D. Rockefeller, E.H. Harriman and J.P. Morgan, generations prior, had already intermarried into the extended family-nexus of Norman anti-patriots in New England (hence J.P.’s middle name, Pierpont, and that of his father, Spencer. Joseph Peabody, the opium trader who I mentioned above, George’s cousin, was also solidly blood-related to these families.).

Some theorists focus only on the Jewish players’ part in these and other events, citing some sort of “Jewish conspiracy.”  But if you really study the history, the truth of what was happening was, the Noman(-Swiss) anti-Americanists had given up on destroying the Republic overtly, and, despite their anti-Semitic tendencies, had (begrudgingly?) welcomed the Rothschilds, Warburgs and Mr. Schiff into the fold to help them conquer America “from the inside.” (What motivated the Rothschilds, the Warbugs, or Mr. Schiff to join this team, I have no idea, but they did.)

Backing up to the 1830’s, an industrial revolution, inspired by the American model, took place in Germanic States, a customs union called the Zollverein, whereby a burgeoning textile industry was threatening the profit margins of British mill-lords and their Manchester-based textile industry.  To make a long-story short, Lord Palmerston’s British elite took Frederick Engels under their wing, as well as, under Engel’s tutelage, Karl Marx. Together, the two developed an anti-American and anti-Capitalist ideology, writing volumes about the oppression of the working man, the injustices of free-market Capitalism, the virtues of the Socialist/Communist model and the need for economic reform. They exported these ideas to Germany, fomented dissent among workers there, and in 1848, riots broke out wholesale from Prussia and Saxony to the Austrian Empire and beyond.

This revolution-of-sorts eventually fizzled (after a year-and-a-half of utter chaos) and the Zollverein more or less survived. But Engels’ British aristocrat patrons knew they had hit on a powerful weapon to fight the spread of American-style Capitalism. Later, when the Anglo-American elite decided they wanted to take down Nicholas, Czar of Russia, they regurgitated Das Kapital and Marx and Engles’ ideas and funded the Bolsheviks. (It was an American company, actually, the American International Corporation, a Wall Street entity (now defunct), that, in large part, funded the Russian Revolution beginning in 1915, the year the company was established.  This company was run by the top-tier of New York’s financial elite (some names to be cited below), and following the murder of Czar Nicholas and his family and the birth of a full-blown Communist State, AIC went on to invest in and control over 200 multi-national corporations around the world.)

In 1886, Teddy Roosevelt, reeling after the death of his first wife and mother two years before, and defeat in the NY mayoral election, boarded a ship to England to clear his head. On board, he “accidentally” bumped into Sir Cecil Spring-Rice, a British aristocrat and politician, and, once in England, was introduced to the crème of English nobility and was indoctrinated into their mind-set. Teddy then returned the States to re-start his political career.

On the other side of the world, earlier, there had been a revolt in India against the brutality of British East India Company rule. (Look up and read about the Indian rebellion of 1857 and its quelling, if you have the stomach for it.) The repercussions were earth-shaking: Queen Victoria shifted possession of India from that of the British East India Company to the Crown, with herself as Empress. This ended, for all intents and purposes, the profitability of the BEIC, which was dissolved in 1874.

On the ground, however, India continued to be run essentially by, and under the direction of, the same people, and around the time of the dissolution of the British East India Company, British bureaucrats introduced a new and revolutionary idea in India, a new weapon to combat the spread of Americanism … the Forestry Service. (wha ???)

Yes! And after the kinks were worked out of this new idea of “conservancy” in India, the idea was imported to the United States under the supervision of Gifford Pinchot, and the term “conservation” entered the vernacular. Soon 21 million acres of western lands would be snatched into federal hands under President Grover Cleveland, but the acquisition of lands by the federal government wouldn’t really kick into high gear until, following the assassination of McKinley by a “lone nut,” Teddy Roosevelt assumed the presidency. By the end of Roosevelt’s 2 terms, 172 million acres would be confiscated by the federal government, a small portion of which was set aside as National Parks, something which Teddy Roosevelt is fondly remembered for.

But what was the real point of it?

(Okay, this is going to hurt a little bit. This was the moment, when I first learned of all this, that the sand ran out of my chest and I began to reexamine by own political beliefs.)

The idea was, to control population growth and expansion, and to limit access by the public to natural resources, all under the seemingly noble auspices of protecting Mother Nature.

One who knows that the World Wildlife Fund, founded by Prince Philip, the Rockefellers and other “philanthropists,” is sponsored largely by oil multi-nationals, might think that they all supported such a noble enterprise to “look good.” No, sorry. Conservation and environmentalism (to quote Anton Chaitkin) has been their movement, all along.

The natural extension of the National Forestry Service was the EPA, whose true function, no-matter the loftiness of its stated goals, is to control industry and productivity, and to, when desired, hinder or even bankrupt companies (or stop them from being created in the first place), and to place a “spicket” on the use of natural resources in order to facilitate a means of manipulating prices. (The truly big corporations never run into trouble with the EPA, rather, they created it for the above reasons and to stifle competition.)

By the beginning of the 20th century, the table was set; the “money trust,” as certain Republican congressmen tagged the wealthy string-pullers of the day, was ready to pull the trigger. The main players were those we have met: the Rockefellers, J.P. Morgan, E.H. Harriman, Jacob Schiff and, now living in New York, Paul Warburg of the German Warburg banking family, and White House surrogates Teddy Roosevelt and his Secretary of State, Elihu Root, of the old Brahmin Root family. Supporting players included Moses Taylor, Percy Pyne, James Stillman, Frank Vanderlip, Robert Lovett (all directors at National City Bank of NY, which would evolve into City Bank), Pierre du Pont, Otto Kahn, Harry Payne Whitney, George Herbert Walker (step-father of George H.W. Bush), George F. Baker, Charles H. Allen (American Sugar Refining Co.), August Belmont (Rothschild agent), and Thomas Lamont (J.P. Morgan & Co. senior partner), to name a few.

The first in a chain of events was a run on the banks in 1907, started by rumors leaked by the Morgan banks. J.P. Morgan “nobly” stepped in and stopped the panic, by infusing 100 million in gold into the markets, both winning him praise and underlining the need for a overhaul of the country’s banking system.

Teddy Roosevelt then appointed Nelson Aldrich (father in-law of J.D. Rockefeller, Jr.) head of a National Monetary Commission, to begin an investigation into how to reform the US banking system.

Then Teddy went after Standard Oil (as well as Northern Securities, a railroad conglomerate owned largely by Morgan and Harriman) for anti-trust violations.

Wait a minute, wasn’t Teddy Roosevelt in the pocket of the bankers and industrialists? Yes, he was. This was a ploy. It took the spotlight off of what the bankers were really up to. The Rockefellers profited from the eventual break up of Standard Oil by the Supreme Court: their stock values doubled, and 4 of the 32 companies that S.O. was fractured into later became Chevron, Mobile, Exxon and Amoco.

Meanwhile, in 1908, the Carnegie Endowment began operations; its first president was Elihu Root, formerly Teddy Roosevelt’s Sec. of State.

Norman Dodd, Director of Research for the Reese committee, an investigative body created by Congress in the ’50’s to look into possible “un-American” activities undertaken by the tax-exempt foundations, was given permission by the Carnegie to review the early minute books of the Endowment (surprisingly… apparently because its then new-president had no idea what the minutes contained!). Turns out, the trustees, in the first years of operation, debated how to start WWI, and how to get America involved in it (because war, they had concluded, was the best way to “change an entire people”), and pursuant to that, how they should proceed in getting control of the machinery of the State Department; and then, following the war, how they should go about gaining control over the content of American education! Dodd’s attorney, Katherine Casey, who actually read and dictated the minutes logged in the library of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (according to Dodd), “lost her mind as a result.”

Then things really started heating up.

In 1910 representatives of the Morgan, Rockefeller, Rothschild and Warburg banking empires met at Jeckyl Island, in Georgia, and for 10 days hammered out the details of the (later to be called) Federal Reserve System.

Two years later, Teddy Roosevelt chose to run for the presidency again, under his own new Bull Moose party, and split the Republican vote, ensuring the election of Democrat Woodrow Wilson.

Nelson Aldrich, who had headed the National Monetary Commission and who attended the Jeckyl Island meeting, had by then introduced his ‘Aldrich Plan’ in Congress, which was promptly shot down. Paul Warburg then rewrote the bill under a new name, the Federal Reserve Act. The two bills were essentially the same, but Aldrich publicly opposed it and fooled many congressmen into supporting it. The bill narrowly passed both houses, differences were hammered out while most congressmen were out of town for the Christmas holidays, and Wilson signed the bill into law on December 23rd, 1913.  The Rockefeller/Morgan/Rothschild/Warburg-led cartel of elite bankers, the “money-trust,” now had control of the country’s money.

Next, of course, came America’s entry into WWI.  By this time, one can assume, the invisible elite (who L. Frank Baum made reference to in his children’s books about the Land of Oz, i.e., the “man behind the curtain”) weren’t content on just stopping the American experiment anymore. They were gunning for world domination, one-world government, with them in charge, which is evident in their creation of the League of Nations following the war. (And, to any who find any of this hard to believe, in February of 1950, Paul Warburg’s son, James, stated, in front of the Senate sub-committee on Foreign Relations, “we will have one-world government, whether by consent or by conquest.” … It’s in the Congressional record.)

With WWI, they attempted to accomplish a number of things. In 1908, oil was discovered in Persia, and Germany and its ally, the Ottoman empire, started building a railway extending the Orient Express to Baghdad. That, which would have threatened the oil monopolies of Rockefeller Standard Oil and Rothschild-controlled Royal Dutch Shell Co., had to be stopped. Two, Palestine was taken from the Turks and set aside as a soon-to-become Jewish homeland. (Why is a tricky subject.) Three, in response to the horrific consequences of this first World War, the League of Nations, the first attempt at an international governing body was introduced.

While the money-trust did manage to stop the Germans from muscling in on their oil monopoly, the League of Nations failed (no one wanted to be in it), and few Jews in Europe really wanted to uproot and move to the Palestinian desert.

A couple of other things of note regarding WWI.  First of all, the whole world, one side against another, going to war, an incredibly bloody and catastrophic war, all started over the assassination of one man, the Archduke of Austro-Hungary, Franz Ferdinand?  As Robert Neuman remarked humorously, “no one is that popular.”

Well, guess what.  Franz was the heir apparent to the kingship of a number of east European States, including Austro-Hungary, as well as the titular kingship of Jerusalem!  In fact, Franz Ferdinand was a direct descendant of Godfrey de Bouillon, leader of the First Crusade, allegedly of real Davidic blood.  That HIS assassination would start the ‘Great War’ was mere coincidence???  I highly doubt that.  I think the Norman Anglo-American elite were getting ready to take over, and they were sending a message to their European competitors that “we’re taking over now, stay out of our way.”

The elite engineers of WWI ran into one other stumbling block: the US Senate failed to confirm the Treaty of Versailles.  (True.  The US never ratified it.)  Despite their efforts-to-date, the “men behind the curtain” realized they would need to do a lot more to exert their influence in the American political arena, and so they created the Council on Foreign Relations, modeled after the RIIA, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, in London (now called Chatham House) in 1921.  Presently the Council on Foreign Relations boasts about 4000 members, comprising the top leaders in every field, from politics to law to industry to academia to media.

Google ‘Council on Foreign Relations really runs the US Government,’ and you’ll get lots of hits.  Nearly all US presidents, VP’s, Secretaries of State, Defense, cabinet posts, you name it, have been either Council members or were rubber-stamped by the CFR, going back to FDR.  But to say that the Council runs the nation is inaccurate.  The CFR is a tool.  The real control resides in the people who created, not only the Council, but many other institutions and think tanks, the CFR simply being the largest and most influential of these.  Again, these are the “men behind the curtain,” who have been running the “dog and pony show” for generations.  I could name names … nah, thats a bad idea.  (I’ve named enough, already.)

Here’s a name, though — evil bastards, that feel they are entitled, by virtue of their “blue”-blood and their wealth, to rule over the rest of us, fuck the US Constitution.  (Of course, BECAUSE we have a Constitution, which they hate, they have to implement that “rule” secretively, advancing their control over our institutions and society in minute degrees, hoping no one will notice.)  Nicholas Rockefeller tried to recruit Aaron Russo into the Council membership, Russo refused.  He didn’t see a need for “an elite people to control everything.”  Russo also related, in an interview before his death, that Nick assured him that, if he joined the CFR, that his “chip” would carry a KMA signature.  KMA, he asked?  If the police ever stop you for anything, they can “Kiss My Ass.”

But back to topic, by the early 30’s it became clear that WWI failed to accomplish all that its creators had hoped.  But if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!  And so money and resources began pouring into Germany in support of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party. US moneys for this effort were funneled largely through the Union Banking Corporation, with the Sullivan and Cromwell law firm running interference. Union Banking Corp. was a subsidiary of the W.A. Harriman Company, started by E.H. Harriman’s son Averell, the president of which was George H.W. Bush’s father-in-law, George Herbert Walker, and on whose board of directors sat Averell’s ‘Skull-and-bones’ pal from Yale, partner Prescott Bush (George W.’s grandfather). Union Banking Corp. was actually busted under the Trading with the Enemy Act and its assets seized for its role in the funding of the Nazis. (See: vesting order #248).

Sullivan and Cromwell escaped any repercussions, quite the contrary, in fact. Two of its senior partners, Allen Dulles and John Foster Dulles would play prominent roles in US post-war government. Allen Dulles, co-founder of the CIA, would serve as its director for 8 years, while his brother served as Secretary of State.

WWII did the trick. Jews moved to Palestine in droves, the UN was established and accepted, and even more got done (on the road to one-world-government). The World Bank, IMF, and the Hague.

Need to stop here and address a thorny issue. Why were the elite, if the vast majority of them were Norman descended racists (and they are), so interested in establishing a Jewish State in Palestine?

First of all, to respond to conspiracy theorists that claim that the Rothschilds were behind all of this, the actual “Father of Zionism,” Theodor Hertzl, relayed in his diary, which was published, that he met with Lord Alfred Rothschild (years prior to WWI), to try and convince him to back his idea of a Jewish State in Palestine. Rothschild replied that the idea sounded “too Jewish,” and would he consider Uganda, instead?  In fairness, different members of the Rothschild family apparently took different stances on this issue, but my take on all this is: the Anglo-American elite had formed an alliance with the European Jewish banking elite, and thought that having a client state in proximity to where all the oil was would be advantageous.

Second, I know that these asshats follow the philosophy that the only real agent of change is chaos, and that stealing land from the Palestinians and donating it for the purposes of establishing a Jewish State in Palestine (with all of the religious overtones) would piss off the Arab States to no end and serve them well in the long-run. The big problem the big-bankers have with the Islamic world is that Islam, officially at least, bans usury, the charging of interest by banks. That’s prevented the global elite from really getting their claws into that resource-rich part of the world, and the only play in their playbook for changing anything is conflict: “Order out of Chaos.” So in that respect, Israel, for them, is the gift that keeps on giving.

There was a very unwelcome unintended consequence of WWII. America converted its war machine into factories that made washers, dryers, refrigerators, cars and car parts, bicycles, radios, televisions, furniture, clothes, shoes, foodstuffs … Hula Hoops!  Anything and everything you can imagine, exported many of these goods to the rest of the world, and the American engine of prosperity took off like a rocket!

So how do you stop something like that?  War, of course.

Two wars, in fact, incredibly stupid wars. In 1950, the year the Korean War started, the USSR and Communist China, combined, comprised all of Asia and Eastern Europe, excepting only India and parts of southeast Asia. What possible national security threat did it pose to the United States that the southern half of two small southeast-Asian countries would also fall under the rule of this already massive Communist mega-state?  Uhmm, none.

Those wars were fought to fail, to demoralize the US, to start an anti-establishment movement within the country, and to foster the hippy drug culture (helped along by the massive importation of cannabis from southeast Asia).  It worked, too (much as I love one bi-product of that counter-culture: the music of the late 60’s and 70’s, as anyone who lived through it, like me, can relate to).

I can’t supply any solid evidence that the invisible elite prosecuted the two southeast-Asia wars to change society over here … but every other modern conflict, from the Spanish-American war onward, I feel I can peer through the propaganda and see the true motivations.  Regarding the Korean and Vietnam Wars, I can’t see any other rational (from the perspective of the elite), apart from maybe destroying and rebuilding those countries to become centers of sneaker and Hyundai-making cheap labor, other than the fact that those wars put the brakes on the optimistic, prosperous America of post-WWII.  (And on a related topic, Aaron Russo did reveal in his interview that Nicholas Rockefeller revealed to him that “they” were behind the Women’s Lib movement.  Apparently they wanted to tap into that tax-base of 50% of the population that wasn’t working, and get the kids to spend less time at home and more time in increasingly State-influenced schools.)

I must point out, also, that the Gulf of Tonkin event that started the massive increase of troops in Vietnam, never actually happened (but rather was simply invented and reported in the press!) … and, two, the fact that JFK, who was threatening to pull out of Vietnam, got himself shot in the head. (JFK’s father, Joe Kennedy, was a long-time CFR member in good standing, and the powers-that-be thought the Joe could keep his pretty-boy son in check.  Jack took a look around, decided that the American people deserved better, planned to pull out of Vietnam, scatter the CIA “to the four winds,” and undercut the power of the Federal Reserve with an executive order (#11110) authorizing the Treasury to issue “US Notes,” 4 billion of which were printed, no interest attached.  So of course they had to shoot him, and there is film of Kennedy’s Secret Security detail being pulled off of his limo as the motorcade turns the corner leading into Dealy Plaza.)

We’re getting close to the end, here (thankfully), so I need to weigh in on what was really happening between 1917 and the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

This is simply what I believe (nothing solid to back it up, so you can disregard it if you like).  I think an experiment was taking place. The uber-elite wanted to see what the best way to rule people was.  Was it via the iron fist, in Russia, under Communist tyranny?  Where, if you dissented, you were shipped off to Siberia?  Or was it by deception, where, in the US, the elite moved to get control of the media and the content of education, and where they successfully convinced the country that the American people lived in a “Democracy” (Ben Franklin hated the idea. He compared “democracy” to two wolves and a sheep voting on what to eat for lunch.)?

This is supposed to be a Constitutional Republic.  (Words you’ll never hear our establishment politicians utter.)  Here was their rational: If you could convince America that they lived in a “democracy” (which they did), get control of the media (which they have done) and, on any issue, use that influence to get 51 percent of the people (a dumbed-down populace, thanks to the intentional destruction of the quality of education in the country) to back one idea over another, then the elite could pretty much do whatever they wanted, and there would still be the illusion that the people had “free choice.”

Well, having watched both approaches carefully over many decades, the elite decided (somewhere in the 70’s) that they’d learned all they needed to know from the US/Soviet experiments, that they would shift the number 1 enemy of the US from the USSR to Islamic Terrorism (partly for the reason I addressed earlier), and Zbignew Brzezinski, Jimmy Carter’s Chief Security Advisor, in 1979, convinced the president to OK a covert mission to send Mujahedeen across the Afghan border into the Soviet Union to provoke a response.  (Brzezinski bragged about this, his part in the fall of the Soviet Union, in an interview for a French Magazine.)  The result was the Soviet-Afghan war, managed for us by Osama bin Laden (yeah, that rich-kid of a Saudi construction empire family, who worked for our CIA), the fall a decade later of the Soviet Union, and the eventual rise of Islamic Terrorism.  Secondly, the elite concluded that the ideal means of ruling a people was a hybrid blend of crony-Capitalism and tyranny — as evidenced by the rise of Capitalism in China, while the US has been moving towards more pervasive surveillance (justified by the Terrorist threat) and the overreach of federalism, that is, encroaching tyranny in the US.

So where were we (or, I should say, the ruling elite) at the beginning of this historically-bizarre election cycle?  Their anointed queen, Hillary Clinton was poised to continue Obama’s policies and lead us into permanent servitude to the globalist elite, as the engine of American prosperity finally gasped its last breaths.

Then something completely unexpected happened.  Hillary and Bill were exposed for the depths of their corruption, while a true outsider, a reality TV star billionaire beholden to no one, with enough money and gumption (and love of country, his stated, and I hope true, motivation) to go up against the establishment, threw his hat into the ring.

Be cognisant of this: the rich elite “behind the curtain” are FREAKING OUT.  That’s why they threw everything, including the kitchen sink, at Donald Trump.  Surprisingly, there are still enough Americans out there with whom his message (drain the swamp!!!) resonated, and he was elected.

Many, I know, are very unhappy about this.  I hear my friends crying out, how could this happen?  We’re doomed.  Donald Trump is going to destroy everything good about this country.

I thought myself a liberal, a Democrat nearly all of my life.  We (including myself in years past) think (in my case, thought) of ourselves as the good guys, and Republicans as rich pro-war white guys.  But take a look at the Democratic party, historically: it was the party of slavery.  Slave holders were all Democrats.  The slaves were freed by a Republican (Lincoln).  The Jim Crow laws were a Democrat cause.  The 14th and 15th Amendments (which granted citizenship and the right to vote to blacks), had NO Democratic support, zero.  The KKK was comprised entirely of Democrats.  That’s all true … look it up.

So how did this all get turned on its head?  How did the party of slavery become the party of oppressed minorities, while the party of Lincoln and de-segregation became the party of (if you watch the news, lately), “white supremacy”?  You got me.  All I know is, LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act into law in 1964, and the Democratic party executed the most unlikely and successful PR coup in history.  (If you believe Ronald Kessler, from his 1995 book Inside the White House, quoting an Air Force One steward, Johnson stated to two democratic Governors that: “I’ll have those n—–s voting Democrat for the next 200 years”.)

Real Republicans don’t even like their “establishment” leaders, “RINOs” some call them, Republicans-In-Name-Only.  That’s because the REAL ‘rich-war-mongering-white-men’ (who really run this country from behind the scenes) are, and have always been, the impetus behind the liberal agenda, while installing their own to lead the Republican party, so as to paint Republicans as heartless.  You’ve got to hand it to them, though.  They found a way to trick half the country into believing in their vision: eradication of traditional values, open borders, globalization, redistribution of wealth.  This is all antithetical to the concepts that made America great in the first place.  Quite a trick.

But the super-rich invisible elite, and their media machine, their lobbyists and their establishment politicians-in-pocket have all been put on notice that, you don’t rule America anymore.  IT’S THE PEOPLE, BY LAW, THAT RUN AMERICA.  And I’m very happy and optimistic for the future of our country … for all Americans, who should be happy that we finally have a real outsider headed to the White House who will upturn the apple cart and shake things up.  Making America “great again” won’t even be that hard, actually, and Trump (I think) knows it. Just take the boot off of the throat of the genius of America. The collective effect of a whole country that is free and its citizens allowed to pursue their dreams, unhindered by oppressive regulations and taxes, will result in prosperity for all.

I found it highly ironic that, a few weeks a weeks ago, the lead cast-member/creator of ‘Hamilton’ lectured Mike Pence on Broadway while the audience booed Mr. Pence.  Hamilton was much like Donald Trump in many ways: he was arrogant, egotistical, and (aside from G. Washington, who always had his back) many of the founders disliked him.  Hamilton was also a very astute businessman who shared Donald Trump’s economic policies to a tee: put America first.

In closing, this isn’t about a single election cycle, or about which way the political pendulum will swing over the next four years.  This is something completely different, something completely unprecedented, something far bigger.  This is the election of a true outsider, intent on blowing up the political, regulatory and media infrastructure that the invisible elite have spent over a full century cementing in place to hobble this country and boonswaggle its inhabitants.  It is the question of whether the beacon of light that our Founders presented to the world, the one and single time in all of human history that a people stood up and said, we are free and refuse to be ruled by aristocrats who want to steal the profits of our labor; rather, that we declare our independence and our right to elect our own leaders. It is the question of whether that beacon of light should expire forever, or that it might remain, not only lit, but that it should shine bright and, finally, for the first time in our collective lifetimes, finally push back on the forces of (if you’ll permit me to describe it for what it is,) feudalism.

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  1. Chuck Hopkins said,

    I’m impressed Eric! As I read this I’m asking “Where are the Templars? Where are Free Masons? Both Grandfather’s and father are Free Masons. And there they are! You seemed have sewn/weaved many of my interests into this article. I have not delved as deeply into issues as I was on a personal search to find who my family was/is! You touched on just about every one of them. I traced my maternal grandfather’s line back to Charlemagne (Norman). If my research is correct I’m Charlemagne’s 27th great grandson and now I find his Normans are the root of all evil in our governments! My fraternal grandmother’s line back to Joseph Fisher Gibson (A sappony (sp) Cherokee who lied about his heritage so he didn’t walk the Trail of Tears to Fort Gibson. Mark Hopkins (Money man for the Transcontinental Railroad you touched on) is a relative. While I know this wasn’t the focus of your story but it made my story come to life as I read yours! This is all so fascinating and at one time in history could have gotten you killed! Still might, LOL! As I said last time I commented on one of your post, “You make me feel like a mental muffin! LMAO
    Good job Sir! Thak you, and feel free to do this again to me at any time!

  2. admin said,


    Washington and Franklin were Freemasons.  They created an anti-monarchist branch of Freemasonry which was a fundamental part of the creation of a free America.  I think they called it 'Free and Accepted' Freemasonry.  Not an expert.  But, anyway, in 1826 Scotish Rite freemasons set up William Morgan to supposedly expose Freemasonic secrets, and he wound up murdered.  The scandal caused an uproar, and ALL Freemasonic lodges were forced either to close or to go underground.  The Scottish Rite brand remained, if secretly, intact, to steer the country into Civil War, while the Free and Accepted form of masonry largely dissapeared.  Not entirely, though.  Your father and grandfather may well be/have been of the "good-guy" style of Freemasons, those that created the USA.  There's an Elks Lodge here in Tucson that I have been to.  They're a Masonic lodge; they've got the painting of guys in suits looking over another guy in a suit in a coffin, chained to the ceiling (they only drop it down during non-public meetings) which is representative of Epopteia, the rebirth of the soul after deep inspection.   But they’ve also got American flags flying everywhere.  Freemasonry, originally, was an institution created to work in secret under the threat of Catholic persecution, to enlighten the populace.  It's gone through all sorts of twists and turns, and different sects have veered in different directions, so I would grant your father and grandfather the benefit of the doubt on that.  Anyway, I've added to the above post, quite substantially (you might want to re-read the last 1/4), and glad you liked it.  Cheers.

  3. admin said,

    Oh, Chuck, Charlemagne was not Norman.  He was Frankish, a relation of the Merovingians, whose ancestry was quite distinct from the Vikings of Denmark that took over Normandy.   I urge you to read my page about Charlemagne (and 'Mother Goose')  🙂

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