Good Witch – Bad Witch

Seriously, where, besides the Wizard of Oz, have you ever encountered the concept of a "good-witch" co-habitting in the same story with a (blood related!!!) "bad-witch"?

Uhm, … I think, I'm starting to grasp, that L. Frank Baum was a pretty smart guy.

I had wrapped my mind around all the other (major) allegories embedded in the 'Wizard of Oz' … the Tin Man, representing 'urban man', losing his heart in the automated factories …. the Scarecrow, the 'rural farmer/land-owner' … uneducated, but possessing common sense … the Lion, our latent courage, waiting for us to act, the Yellow brick road (the gold standard), the Ruby slippers (in the books the slippers were silver – an allegory for a contemplated Silver standard), Toto, the dog, 'toto' being Latin for 'Everything/Everyone', i.e., it is us, the masses, who must pull back the curtain …  and finally ,the man behind the curtain himself, the manipulator of buttons and levers – our hidden masters (the secret owners of the FED, whose ancestors, blood and corporate, L. Frank Baum's books were a veiled commentary on).   

I thought I had it all covered, but then it hit me … Baum was even smarter than THAT!!!!  – HE HAS TWO WITCHES!!!! – a GOOD Witch and a BAD Witch!!!!


Read my 'Pan's Labyrinth' article to understand what I'm talking about.


Baum was, I think, way smarter, way more deeply informed, than I imagined.  


[  Good-Witch / Bad-Witch= Good and Bad (evil) competing aspects of the esoteric secret societies.  ] 

Am I'm crazy???  Was there ever a previously illiterated idea of a 'good witch" before Baum?  

I suspect not.  



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  1. IslandPilot said,

    Good Witch-Bad Witch has translated to "Good Terrorism" and "Bad Terrorism" in "media-speak" these days.  Is it  "Good Terrorism" when you send a hundred missiles into another country, to blow up people's homes and their family members, to enforce a "no fly zone".  I don't get it!
    Uroko is a great theme.  I came here from the Pilot's for Truth site.  I was thinking the recent attack on Libya, unlike other "operations" of the "elite"; (911 false flag events); is being carried out by a small number of individuals.  A large "co-alition" of UN forces, and multiple connections and "shared responsibilities" do not seem to be at work here.  I don't see a framework whereby numerous agencies and boogeymen, like Al Quieda and Islamic terrorists, can be convienently blamed for anything that "goes wrong".
    It seems the "elite" are running the Libya attacks with a "skeleton" crew.  I would think Mr. Peace Prize Obama's strings are being manipulated directly by only one or two elite string pullers, and that the "man behind the curtain" is more vulnerable to discovery by little dog "Toto" these days, than ever before.
    My silly "Wizard of Oz" reference caused "elreb" to smack me upside the head; to turn my attention more toward your "elite" and "dragon" discussions.  So, yesterday I watched Uroko 1 movie…. and WOW… here is our hero TOTO in the very first UROKO movie!  Kool!
    I have now viewed all Uroko movies.  They are very well done.  I have been very much aware for several years of the "false flag" nature of many "historical" events.  It is quite "strange" how they are ALL very similar.  But, I have never been able to "connect the dots" between them.  Of course, before 911, I had no reason to know, or care anything about the Federal Reserve System, the CIA, CFR, or many other things I should have learned in school.
    I have been learning quite a bit lately; but I am terrible at Ancient History and "bloodlines", and I cannot "follow" many discussions on these subjects, but uroko movies are helpful.
    I will keep checking back, from time to time.  Keep up the good work.  

  2. admin said,

    @ Alexey – I responded, forgive me for not getting back to you sooner :p

    @ IslandPilot –

    Israel (which is an 'elite' project – one which, I don't think, has very much to do with a 'Jewish homeland', that was all a ruse – to USE the Jewish people in order to plant a wedge into the Muslim world…)   but, Israel's leaders are on the same page with-and/or being manipulated by – the elite, and hey, did you catch the news that Israel sent thousands of mercenaries to fight for Qaddafi? … that's why Obama has appeared so irresolute, confused – his bosses obviously told him, 'don't say anything too confrontational, don't do anything until we can fiqure this out (Qaddafi is OUR evil terrorist dictator – the elite are not too happy about this – that's why, in THIS CASE ONLY (as opposed to insurrections in other Arab countries) the civilian protesters are termed "rebels" in the media LoL).   

    They (TM) are struggling to get in front of these various revolts.   They do want chaos – but not spontaneous chaos that might wind up putting the people in charge of their own countries.   (God forbid.)


  3. admin said,

    One more thought – @ IsandPilot –

    Your intuition is spot on, IMO.  Obama is a total puppet.  

    Yes, the REAL history, the facts beneath the fake history we were all taught, is infinitely more interesting..


  4. admin said,

    I mispoke, there's another myth/story/book in which there a good witch and a bad witch are featured  … Alice in Wonderland!    (The Red Queen and the White Queen…  (Lewis Carrol was probably a Rosicrucian or a Freemason ?))   

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