Burnt Offering: ‘Order out of Chaos’

Burnt offering, sacrifice by fire.   That's the etymological meaning of the word 'Holocaust'. I don't make this stuff up, anyone can look it up in any online etymology dictionary .., that's the true meaning of 'holocaust' … 'sacrifice by fire', 'burnt offering'. Sigh. … So, how did this word, 'holocaust', come to be chosen to describe the killing of millions (whatever the actual number) of European Jews during WWII?

In baseball a sacrifice bunt is a strategic play … the bunter is almost sure to be taken out at first, but as a consequence the player at second will move to third.    If people go into a battlefield and fight and are killed, that can be construed as a sacrifice of sorts.  But to be rounded up and killed because of one's religion, how can that be construed as a sacrifice? By reasonable thinking, it shouldn't.  The 'holocaust' can only be construed as a "sacrifice" if something was obtained as a result. I'm not suggesting that the Jewish people, as an entity, willingly sacrificed their own for the sake of creating a homeland, that's not what I'm saying.  I'm saying that other people, very rich and powerful people, some of whom were Jewish, but significantly not all by the way, desired the establishment of the Israeli state and who, likely or in great part for ulterior motives, saw the Jewish cause as a great way to make that happen and threw the Jews to the wolves.

This is very controversial and a decidedly minority view, people who buy into conventional wisdom will cry bloody murder, and others convinced that "the Jews" are behind everything will cry just as loud … but I am pretty confident in my somewhat peculiar POV.   That's pretty much the core of my research and what this site is about … why have Jewish bankers and Christian politicians and captains of industry (usually Normans) colluded to grasp power, and why do they all support the Israeli state so doggedly?  … I propose that it has little to do with a "Jewish homeland" – partly because I never take the conventional excuses at face value – if the Jewish homeland is REALLY just a 'Jewish homeland', it will be the first time in modern history that they (TM) haven't misrepresented what they were really doing.

But lets get back to nuts and bolts … Prior to WWII, Jewish immigration to Palestine was paltry … partially because many countries had quotas in place and provided for only a limited number of Jews to emigrate there.  But on top of that, hey, how many prospering Jews in Europe wanted to pull up roots and move to the Arabian desert?  Population was the key to statehood – without Jews in Palestine, the whole plan would have failed.  Hitler's policies solved all of those problems … after WWII quotas were removed and Jewish emmigration to Palestine increased over five fold.  In addition, the Holocaust garnered word-wide sympathy for the Jewish cause, smoothing the way toward UN recognition of the Jewish state soon after the war ended.

International Monetary Fund, World Bank emblems
July, 1944: Bretton Woods Agreement The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (later to be renamed the World Bank) are formed
UN emblem April, 1945: UN Conference on International Organization The United Nations is formed in October on ratification of the UN charter by the 5 members of the Security Council
CIA emblem July, 1947: National Defense Act of 1947 The Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Council are formed along with the consolidation of the US Army, Navy and Air Force under a new Defense Department
Flag of Israel                 May, 1948: Proclamation of the independent state of Israel May, 1949: The state of Israel is recognized and accepted as a UN member

Official UN recognition of the state of Israel in 1949 wasn't the only major change in the world order to coincide with the end of WWII.   It also followed on the heels of the Bretton Woods agreement, a major restructuring of the world's financial system and new rules of exchange between currencies.   The agreement created the IMF as well as the IBRD which is now known as the World Bank.  This was all agreed to by the industrial powers at a meeting in Bretton Woods, NH as the war drew to a close in preparation for the rebuilding of Europe. My ears pricked up listening to Norman Dodd's interview in which he quotes Rowan Geither, then president of the Ford Foundation (a tax-exempt endowment on par and in league with the Rockefeller and Guggenheim Foundations and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace) as having said, in a surprisingly frank manner regarding the objectives of "the Foundations": "…Mr. Geither then went on, voluntarily, and stated.  He said, Mr. Dodd, all of us that have a hand in the making of policies here have had experience … either with the OSS during the war, or, European economic administration after the war [this is regarding comments made in the 50’s, not long after the end of the WWII]. This can be heard 19 minutes into this interview – http://redqueenwhitequeen.com/wordpress/?p=291

Geither, as told by Dodd, goes on to explain that the trustees (at that time) were operating under directives, the substance of which were to "use our grant making power so to alter life in the US so that it could be comfortably merged with that of the Soviet Union". Norman Dodd  says he about fell out of his chair, as did I, but not quite for the same reason … I was simply surprised that the president of the Ford Foundation would have admitted something like this, even off the record.   But the idea that the large endowed foundations have been pushing US society toward "collectivism" all these decades, and why, is fodder for a different conversation.  

What's really pertinent here is that the people running the big foundations had, as admitted by Geither, been involved with the OSS, the predecessor of the CIA, and/or with the economic administration of post war Europe. These characters, these heirs of the money trust that set up the FED, these top people at the big foundations and at organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations, whoever they are … always pull their cakes and pies out of the oven at the same time.   At the end of WWII, we witnessed the financial reorganization unveiled at Bretton Woods in '44, the formation of the UN in the following year,  the consolidation of the US Army, Navy and Air Force under a new Department of Defense and the creation of the NSC and the CIA (all part of one bill enacted) in '47, the partitioning of Palestine by the UN the same year, the proclamation of independence by the new Israeli state in '48 and finally the recognition of  Israel as a UN member in '49. These cakes and pies that came out of the oven in those years were the Order that followed the Chaos of WWII.  

All were planned just as WWII was planned.  The Chaos is necessary to justify the changes in the "world order".   When one finally grasps this, one is no longer befuddled by the fact that railroad baron E.H. Harriman's sons Averell and Roland who ran Brown Brothers Harriman & Co., with the help of BBH executives and Bush family patriarchs Prescott Bush and George Herbert Walker, the Rockefeller family at the helm of Standard Oil, as well as the Dulles Brothers at  the law firm Sullivan & Cromwell (who provided a conduit for investment and legal cover) were heavily involved in the funding and support of the Nazi rise to power and armament through the 30's and even into the war, and that this support flowed through the I.G.Farben Co., the corporate muscle behind Adolf Hitler which was headed by its Jewish co-founder Max Warburg, head of M.M.Warburg bank in Hamburg and 2nd in command at the Reichsbank which also was directly involved in Hitler's funding.

It takes a lot of work to get a major war started, and with the addition of Fritz Theissen, these were the men on the ground, insuring that Hitler had the financial support (as well as technological support as in the case of patent agreements between I.G. Farben and Standard Oil) that he needed. I picked the "cakes and pies" analogy just because I couldn't think of a single word to categorize all of the major changes and events that followed WWII, but it just occurs to me my choice was apripot, for into the ovens went the Jews of Europe and out of the oven came the state of Israel.   In to the oven went the soldiers and civilians killed and out came the UN.  Into the oven went the infrastructure of Europe and Japan's burnt out cities and out came the IMF and the World Bank. When you put all the pieces together you can SEE …  well, that is if you understand that finance is the root of the power of the global elite … that the events which followed WWII could, or should, be construed as constituting a "New World Order" of its time, a  term which has been bantered about in recent decades by both "conspiracy theorists" and political leaders alike.   I mention it really, because we are on the cusp of another attempt by the elite to reorganize the world more to their liking.

Five storeyed pagoda at Nikko, Tochigi, Japan
Five storeyed pagoda at Nikko, Tochigi, Japan

I once visited Nikko, a popular tourist destination in Japan which houses the mausoleums of Tokugawa Ieyasu and his grandson Iemitsu.  In addition to the various shrines there, Nikko is home to the famous 5 storey pagoda which most would recognize in photos.  The 5 storeys of this pagoda represent the following: earth, fire, water, wind and heaven. Everyone recognizes the first four of these as the four elements.   Heaven is the fifth. The dragon has also been compared to a "fifth element", with its claws which grasp the earth, its breath of fire, its scales which ripple like water and wings which beat the air.  The dragon embodies all of these elements while being a separate entity unto itself, just as heaven bears the same relationship to the  four elements.  In the same way, as Draco sits at the center of the constellations of the Zodiac which revolve around it, the dragon can be said to rule the heavens.   Thusly, the dragon is the "13th constellation" (just as 'heaven' or the cross is the "5th element), providing insight into why the number 13 has gained a reputation as an occult number. Another way of representing this concept of a "5th element" which embodies, unites, defines and rules over the other 4 elements is in the symbol of the cross.  The clues that this is so are twofold.  The cross is in its origins a sign of the zodiac, dividing the months into seasons and marking the equinoxes and solstices.  

The fleur-de-lis tipped Avar cross and the crosses of the arms of Rangabe, Buoillon and Toulouse all show this symbolic dividing of 12 into groups of 3, and those of Rangabe as well as the original crusader Flag of Jerusalem, still visible on the Flag of Georgia, feature smaller crosses or other symbols in the quadrants formed by the cross. It might seem like I'm going on a wild tangent here, but I had to introduce the symbolism significant to Luc Besson's film, 'the Fifth Element. In Besson's film the "fifth element" is a supreme being, interestingly female, who with the help of Bruce Willis'  taxi driver character "Korben Dallas" saves the world.   I sensed there was more occult meaning woven into the film than was obvious at first watching, and so looked at it again more carefully. The climax of the film comes at the end when Dallas declares his love for  "Leeloo", the supreme being played by Milla Jovovich, and they kiss just as the world is about to be destroyed.    At the moment of their embrace beams of light emanate from the stones representing the four elements, converging on her (in the center) whereby a 5th beam, the weapon, bursts from her mouth and stops the "evil" bearing down on earth.  I thought, 'hey, that's a cross these beams form right there', …and rewound the DVD.   Sure enough, if only for a second, the beams do form a cross, but a CELTIC cross. 5th element, Celtic cross This is a cross with a circle around its center, traceable to the "sun cross", which is a symbol found in archeological finds dating back up to 10,000 years.   I was stunned. The supreme mother-goddess, union of male and female as the impetus of creation,  he "fifth element", the battle between good and evil,  the celtic cross … the symbolism in this movie is everywhere. So, is Luc Besson, who penned the initial story, co-wrote the screenplay and directed  the film, "in on it"? That depends what you mean by "in on it". He's a smart guy, he obviously knows about this stuff, and he made use of these ancient concepts as a base around which to build a good movie. Besson included another scene which left me with no doubt that all of the symbolism in the movie was conscious.   The earthly representative of the "evil" in the film is 'Zorg', played with humor and obvious relish by Gary Oldman. Midway through the film, a priest, 'Cornelius', has a meeting with Zorg, who he detests.  Cornelius accuses Zorg of wanting to "destroy life", to which Zorg retorts, "You're so wrong, let me explain".

Zorg then knocks a glass off of a desk. The breaking of the glass, which was previously pristine and "boring", sets off a chain of activity as machines come whizzing out of the walls to clean up the mess.  Zorg reminds Cornelius of all the technicians and engineers whose livelihoods depend on this "ballet" he has created, enabling those engineers and technicians to feed their children, who will in turn someday have children of their own who will also be supported working in similar engineering jobs, ad infinitum. Thus, Zorg concludes, "by creating a little destruction, I'm in fact enchouraging life…

    The self-appointed managers of the planet don't consider themselves evil.  They simply use Chaos to affect change, to bring about new Order.   This is order they perceive as ultimately beneficial to the planet and society at large, and have no qualms about reaping the rewards of the realignment. Do I think these people are out of their f&'king gourds and should be thrown under the guillotine?  … yeah.  But that's sort of irrelevant.   We don't even know who they are, excepting the more visible figures who show up at the Bilderberg meetings every year. But even more important than identifying individual players is recognizing the 'Order out of Chaos' meme when we see it.   This is a dualistic concept, embodying the interconnectedness of two seemingly opposite ideas.  In this manner Order out of Chaos is a cousin to the other dualisms represented by the interlocking trianges of the Magen David … male and female, good and evil,  aggressive and passive, dark and light, physical and spiritual.  

This is the essence of Kabbalah and of the pagan belief systems which predate the monotheistic religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam. By enabling the murder of millions of Jews during WWII, bankers and would-be managers of the planet, many of them  "Jewish" (I use quotes because they obviously are of a different mould), ensured the establishment of the state of Israel, a wedge driven into the resource rich and Muslim middle east. Was the goal really to create a homeland for the Jews? Sorry, I think that notion naive. Nothing is as it seems.


(P.S., don't think that the only reason the elite at the top of the pyramid want to smash and then rebuild the Middle East is oil and gas … that's part of it, but the Muslim world, as per religious rules, bans usury.   Islamic banking is different – loans are serviced in return for set fees or shares in profits … NOT INTEREST.   The charging of interest, i.e. usury, is not allowed … hence, the banksters have not been able to get their claws very deep into that part of the world.)  

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