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Bush and Obama (like Comey, we now know) worked for the same bosses, and yeah, Obama was born in Kenya. (I can’t prove it, nor could Trump, but I suspect it, and it doesn’t matter one way or the other anyway.)

I read an article in the Huffington Post, on the real estate topic, that Evelin Rothschild (one of the richest men in the world) purchased a floor of an apartment building bordering Central Park (soon after marrying his new wife, and in a building where Henry Kissinger also owns a floor) for however many million it was. The article, from the summer 2001, right before 911 (before Obama was even on the radar) stated that Rothchild’s interior decorator was recommended to him by the Obamas. (Conclusion: Obama was hand-picked by the super-elite to push America to the left, further towards socialism.)

Trump can be a jerk, has stupid hair, and you may hate him, but he is a true outsider who’s trying to blow up decades of work done by the elite and Washington establishment pursuant to finally burying the American experiment and preparing us for “one-world-government” (which the son of the architect of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, James, Warburg, announced in front of the Senate sub-committee on Foreign Relations in 1950 that we will have “by consent or by conquest.” You can look it up.)

The last true outsider we had for a president was JFK, who they shot. (Actually, Reagan was also an outsider, and they shot him, too, albeit unsuccessfully.) Don’t want to offend, but you and 90% of my friends here in Tucson are rooting for the wrong side, evil bastards behind the scenes that have been trying to stop the American experiment from succeeding for 240 years (I know it’s hard to believe, but this conspiracy is multi-generational), plotting and destroying education in the country, buying up all the media and getting us into our various wars … so that they, the wealthy insiders behind the curtain (not us, the people), can be in charge of this country. I feel very strongly about this. I know what I’m talking about. I am saddened by the fact that I see that they WILL win. I can see it because our youth has become enamoured with Bernie Sanders and the whole idea of a “free lunch.” Communism was created by the Brits specifically to combat the fact that the American experiment had spread to the Germanic States in the 1830/40s. (Look up the Zollverein.) Well, Communism (the antithesis of the whole idea of American liberty and independence and killer of  a 100 of million people in the USSR and China) is coming to America … it’s only a matter of time.

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  1. S said,

  2. S said,

    Whats basically going on is zionism being fulfilled. zionism isn’t just creating a homeland for the jews. It is the recreation of the super power state of holy Israel that Kings David and Solomon ruled over. This state has to house all the jews and has to be the super power of the day (militarily and financially).

    It all starts with a rabbi named Isaac Luria. He made a new interpretation of the kabbalah which says that the jew should’nt just wait for the messiah to come but instead have to prepare the world for his comming. Only then will he appear.

    Since then you have zionism, which was an underground thing with the frankists until they were officially formed in 1897.

    Soon after you got WW1 which among many things liberated the holy land from the Turks.

    THen comes WW2 which had the Nazis massacre the jews so badly that now there’s was a huge wave of migrants to the holy land and now they can officially create a state. Hitler and his holocaust created the demand for a jewish homeland. Before that nobody bothered moving to British-Palestine.

    SO what is left? The nation of isreal is created. The jews have moved there, if they havnt they atleast have dual passports. And we know that the world of finance is handled by the zionists and so is the military industrial complex.

    However there is a problem. Isreal is way too small to be the worlds super power. SO theres 2 options. 1 is to make isreal bigger, which is impossible given the population limit. or 2 make the world smaller.

    ANd thats where you have WW3.

  3. S said,

    That is the NEw World Order. A world, or what ever is left of it, ruled by the jewish messiah depending on who you listen to will come from either the royal bloodline or the leading zionist jews bloodline.

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