Plans A, B, C


'Paragraph one' — ???  No one knows how "case" started.  (Spying on Trump team.)

'About queries' in NSA database.  Metadata, texts.  Wiretapping people, pretending they're targeting foreigners, then hopping to others in the database, unmasking.  ('About' signifies a target connected to but not the sender or recipient of originally targeted communication.)

NSA database was being queried by private contactors.

Good guy — Michael Rogers — Director National Security Agency — sniffs politically motivated 'about' queries.

Plan A breaks down.  Rogers is on to them.  Ease up on unmasking, tapping NSA database.  (Massive paper trail, but they weren't too worried about it, because they never imagined that Hillary would lose.)  

PLAN B – 'Crossfire Hurricane.'  If we can't spy on them illegally, let's spy on them legally.

Dossier was written April, 2007.  Wall Street Journal, authors Glen Simpson and Mary Jacoby (wife), purveyor of Fusion GPS.  Changed names, used it for FISA Court.  Get FISA approval.

Two-hop rule.  If can spy legally on subject A, can also spy on subject B connected to A and subject C connected to B.

Used Michael Cohen as being in Prague — probably a different Michael Cohen dug up from NSA queries.  Trump's lawyer had never been to Prague.

Before election, John Brennan meets with Bob Hannigan.

Election – Nov 8th 2016.  Trump wins — no one expected it.

Nov 17th Michael Rogers visit Trump in Trump Tower.  Secretly.  Set up a SCIF?  (Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Facility) 

Same day, Trump moves himself and staff to Bedminster, NJ.

Next day Obama calls for M. Rogers to be fired.

Slew of resignations follow.  Bob Hannigan, head of GCHQ (British NSA) quits 10 days after Trump is elected.  John Carlan, head of Department of Justice, National Security Division, final division to put their signature on the FISA warrants.  Before DOJ, John Carlan was Bob Mueller's chief of staff.

Andy Weissman was chief prosecutor on Enron case when Mueller was FBI director.  Another lawyer on Weissman's team, Kathryn Ruemmler, White House counsel to Obama.  Fixer: involved in Benghazi, IRS, Secret Service scandal.  Also on Enron team:  Lisa Monaco, Obama HS & Counter Terrorism advisor, in WH.

Rod Rosenstien, also old pals with Mueller.  Lead prosecutor on Tenex case: Tenex helping Russia get US uranium, who are helping Iran build nuclear.  Case gets thrown out, everyone gag-ordered.  Precursor to Uranium One.


Mueller investigation.  Keep the heat on Trump, protect the above-mentioned, and, ideally, impeach him, so that none of this sees the light of day. 

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