Fake, Fake, Fake, Fake, Fake!

It’s not new, folks.   Spain had nothing to do with the explosion that sunk the USS Maine in 1898 (which, as advertised, precipitated the Spanish-American War).   A later investigation blamed the tragedy on a coal dust explosion (and this was likely a false-flag event).

That report and other anti-Spanish articles ran in newspapers owned by William Randolf Hearst, who was in league with Teddy Roosevelt and his band of pro-war “jingoists.”  The elite “behind the curtain” had already set their sights on getting control of media of all kinds (newspapers, TV networks, movie-making and now popular internet sites).  They’ve been working on this crucial aspect of the advancement of their agenda, i.e. influencing public opinion on a wide range of topics, for OVER A CENTURY.  Their conspiracy to destroy the American Ideal and institute One-World Government is multi-generational and they are the richest evil bastards on the planet.  You don’t think they’ve had a fair amount of success in this, given all their money and over 100 years of effort?!?

Duh.  There was no Trump-Russia “collusion,” and that’s becoming apparent, but don’t worry.  They’ll soon think of  something else to stymie and derail his presidency.  It’s all they have (short of shooting him).

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