Capitalism vs. Socialism, Facebook response.

This is a response to a back and forth on Facebook that I responded to.  I thought it worth posting here (my response, only.  You can imagine what preceded it).

What few seem to realize (or have really looked into) is that Communism, and eventually, in its "light" form, Socialism, was cooked up by the top-tier of Anglo uber-Capitalists (the richest of British nobles at the time, in the 1830's) to help them crush the American ideal of freedom, independence and truly free-market-Capitalism which had spread to Germany and was threatening the profit margins of English mill-lords.  The super-rich, both noble stockholders in the British East India Company and their slave and opium-trading cousins in America, hated the whole idea (that they weren't going to be running the show anymore) right from the Revolution, and it was British nobility, led by Lord Palmerston and British Intelligence, that essentially hired Frederick Engel and, under his tutelage, Karl Marx, to come up with  anti-Capitalist ideology, Communism, and its love-child, Socialism.  Socialism is fine when it's "ground-up." When a community pools its resources to build a school or a library for the greater good, that's fine; that's great. But watch out when someone is trying to sell you on the "top-down" version of Socialism or Communism. That's uber-Capitalists that want to run everything under the guise of a benevolent State wanting to rob the rich to help the poor (with them in charge).  It is the precursor to enslavement.

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