Freudian Slip

Hillary: “Because while Warren is standing up for a fairer tax code, Trump wants to cut taxes for the super-rich,” said Clinton. “Well, we’re not going there, my friends. I’m telling you, right now – we’re going to write fairer rules for the middle class and we are going to raise taxes on the middle class!” (Cheers.)

Cheers?  ‘We are going to raise taxes on the middle class’! — and then cheers!??  Are these people hired supporters, zombies, or do they just need their ears cleaned?

Obviously, Hillary was supposed to say, “raise taxes on the rich.”  But she didn’t.  This isn’t the first time she’s done this.  She threatened to put all the coal miners in West Virginia and eastern Kentucky “out of business.”

The problem, her problem, is, she is fundamentally dishonest.  (I think that’s a given.)   There are two Hillarys, the public Hillary, and the Hillary that has prostituted herself to the invisible elite of this nation (she is a long-time member of the the Council on Foreign Relations, like her husband) from the start, and that and the fact that the couple’s exceptional combined talent in  the ways of corruption and politicking propelled her and Bill to the heights that they have achieved.  The problem is, behind the curtain, the real goal IS to put the coal miners out of business, to hobble the middle class, and ultimately to destroy the American experiment.  (That crazy idea that people are born free and independent.)

Granted, but she’s not supposed to ACTUALLY SAY THAT!  In the heat of the moment, the filter between Hillary’s brain and mouth let a couple of those fly — tax the middle class!  Put those evil coal-miners out of business!  Oops.

These two very telling Hillary gaffs tell you volumes about who she really intends to work for.  And it ain’t us!


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  1. admin said,

    P.S. If you haven't seen D'Souza's 'Hillary's America, please do.  Terrifying. 

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