Trump is a racist Nazi!

Fascism is a left-wing ideology, and it shouldn’t even have to be argued. It’s in the name: Nazi=National Socialism. Mussolini swapped ‘class war’ for ‘nationalism’ as the vehicle, and the fascists were off and running. They promised free stuff, got elected, took everyone’s guns away and then started putting their political opponents in prison. The parallels to today’s America are way too chilling, and, I’m just saying, Trump is not a Nazi. Like him or hate him, he is aggressively repealing regulations. That is the opposite of what a real fascist would do. Fascism is about State control over industry; true republicanism is about the opposite, about letting people pursue their dreams unfettered by government interference (as long as they don’t hurt anyone or pollute the environment in the process, and when they do, that’s why we have courts — admittedly, big corporations get away with all kinds of s#it, but that’s because everything has been rigged; not because our founding principles were wrong-headed.)

As a real fascist, frankly, Trump sucks. And as a racist, given that black unemployment is at a historic low, and that he passed legislation letting minorities unfairly imprisoned under Clinton 3-strikes laws freed, he’s pretty shitty as a racist, too (and one might note that black approval of this “racist” president has risen from 19% when he was elected to, polls say, 36% now). And Antifa, supposedly “Anti-Fascists,” running around in black clothes and masks, setting cars on fire, throwing bricks through windows and beating people up, er, uhm, looks a lot like ‘brown shirts’ (look it up) to me. (Jeez, the irony is stunning.) 

Free-market conservatism, true republicanism, is the opposite of fascism. It preaches small and limited government and individual liberty. Fascism is, by definition, more power in the hands of the State, State control over the economy, and less liberty for individuals, in the interest of “the common good”. Add to that, the socialist economic model is a recipe for real disaster, for misery and poverty and, in several cases over the last century, mass starvation. 100 million dead under socialist totalitarian regimes over the last century, and Venezuela is poised to add to that number.  

And while I’m at it, Kasie Hunt, MSNBC anchor, identified the segregationists that Biden spoke of ‘being able to work with, despite our differences,’ as republicans. She just assumed that a racist, bigot senator that supported segregation must have been a republican. Of course, she was sorely misinformed; the senators that Biden named by name (you could have done your homework, Kasie) were all democrats. Republicans freed the slaves, passed the 14th and 15th amendments (granting blacks citizenship and the right to vote, with zero democratic support) and opposed the Jim Crow laws. Lyndon Johnson was quoted by a steward on Air Force One who overheard him speaking to democratic senators prior to the passing of the Civil Rights Act, saying, ‘back me on this, boys, and we’ll have those n*ggers voting for us for the next 200 years.’ (And, BTW, the KKK was entirely a democrat affair, really, it was.)

Republicans suffer from two diseases. One, they have allowed their party leadership to be stocked full with rich, white con-artists with a penchant for war mongering by the invisible power behind the swamp, and two, when an MSNBC anchor assumes that if Biden refers to senators that supported segregation, that they must have to have been “republicans,” you know that republicans’ biggest failing is that they totally suck at PR.  

I am not attacking, or even speaking ill about, well-meaning liberal democrats; I used to be one, and most of my friends (that haven’t abandoned me yet) are as well. Democrats are democrats because they have big hearts, and at first glance, the liberal democrat path seems to be the righteous one, the compassionate one. But if you look at cities around the country that have been under liberal democratic leadership over several decades: Chicago, LA, San Francisco, Seattle, Baltimore, and the list is growing, these cities are turning to shit. Liberal polices, over time, don’t work. I read today about a San Diego woman who was so fed up and ready to move to another state when her dog stepped in human feces. Dogs stepping in human feces!!! The world surely turned upside down. 

Read our Constitution, know it, protect it. It’s all that stands between us and the bastards that have hated the whole idea of the American Experiment from the beginning and feel somehow entitled to rule over us peons. We are not peons; we are Americans.

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