Puritan NE founders/slave traders/opium dealers…ultimately our bankers – genealogy

Worked some time on this.   You won't find it interesting unless you really look at it, study it (it's really big) … here is the familial web that hijacked our country.


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  1. Alexey said,

    Uroko, you are amazing!!!!!
    We are all in debt with you. please continue with the documentary. its the best i have ever seen. Best than zeitgeist, alex jones and all anticapitalists and conspiranoic documentaries i have ever seen.
    I am examing your power structure map in detail.
    You may want to know something interesting about this web of power. Recently i read a scientific article (i am a matematician) about the connections of power in the economy of the whole planet. In their investigation they assume that if a coorporation A owns some shares in a coorporation B (and because of that has a percent of control over B) and if  coorporation B has some shares in a coorporation C then Coorporation A controls in some shares the coorporation C. The fact is that at the end of the study (where they get hundreds of companies and analyses their relationships of control) thay have proven that in an indirect manner a group of 20 coorporations own in directly or indirectly the 90% of the economic system of the planet. Couriosly this few coorporations are also in a very streched neetwork of control relationships, so, in reality (as they analises in the article) this few coorporations in the nucleus of the global economy are acting so close together that we can consider it a single huge coorporation whos deferent parts are this few acting in a sincronized manner. The few are those that you and others heve identified long ago 🙂
    JP morgan chase, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, Merril Lynch, AXA, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, Barclays, UBS, Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and others
    Interesting to note (they say) is the fact that the contorl is executed almost exclusively by the fanancial sector of the economies. In other words, Anglo-American-German banks have the 90% of control of the world economic system. And this study was made only by using the avaiable and transparent data!!!!! Imagine what power have the real structure that dont let us to know all the caracteristics.
    I personally feel that in fact the Rockefeller-Rothschild are the masters of this few banks in one or another way.
    The link to the study is here, (watch the pictures at page 4), you dont need to know much about mathematics to undertand it so dont be scared:
    Good Bye and please continue the documentary. It is important for the moments we are living.
    P.S: I want to remember that im not an english speaker so please be tolerant with my horrible grammar errors.

  2. Alexey said,

    Excuse me but only tree more things:
    1.- Prudence Churchill (who married David Goodrich in your map) is related herself to the Deming Family (http://www.geni.com/people/Prudence-Churchill/6000000003939869355). Also it could be related to the Churchil Family. 
    2.- The Roots are only related to the rest of the network by the marriege of Stephen Root with prudence Avery?????
    3.- The Perrys at the right of the map are independent of the rest??. there are no connections???? Morgan of London is not from the same Morgan family of JP Morgan???
    Thanks for all 🙂

  3. Alexey said,

    I have examnied your rigurous map of the elite and i have some sugfestions and questions about it:
    1.- The father of JP Morgan is Junius Spencer Morgan, Is he not related to the spencer family that created the goodrich????
    2.- I think you have to expand the Aldrich and the Du pont family sector, because there are more genealogical connections.
    3.- Where are the Bushes??? and the Rothchilds are not related to any of these????
    4.- The Spencer family is totally related to the british monarchy throu many connections (most popular of this connections is princess diana who is a Spencer). I think you shoud expand not only the spencer family but also the Windsor house to the german origins. Wiston Churchill was also a Spencer so you have a Spencer-Churchill link.
    5.- the mother (or grandma, i dont remember) of adolph hitler was violated by a employeer of her (she worked cleaning houses of rich people). Some say that her son was a bastard of a rich family where she worked. And interestingly she worked at the Rotschild mansion in those years. So, some argue that Hitler in fact IS a Rothschild family member. I think that if you add the Rothschild family to your map you shoud put hitler with an Not Yet Confirmed label or something.
    6.- You have to represent also nearly all the presidents of US because like wikipedia says: "As a result, all of the listed people are direct descendants of William the Conqueor". You have information of that here:
    7.- I think you shold also mention the ford family with their connections to Henry Ford (the fascist) and the president Ford (if there are connections)
    8.- please continue the map to our times if you can . because is interesting to note if this compulsory interrelational activities have been continued to todays world. I think maybe you can add Some modern rockeffer members as the senator and governor Jay Rockefeller or the vice-president of Ford Nelson Rockefeller.
    9.- You may find interesting for your research this links:
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bush_family#Connections_to_other_prominent_families (pay attention at the churchill and pierce connention)
    In this link for example you can see things like extreme connection of the Kennedy family with the Cabbot:
    10.- Greetings for the map, because it is very accurate and has a perfect design for its comprehension.

  4. admin said,

    Thank You!!! Alexy for your comments.   I'm soooo sorry, I haven't been looking at my website much, I'm working on my genealogy chart while working a full time job.  

    Yes, I'm sure the Morgans connect to the Spencers, and I know about the Spencer-Churchill connection.   Basically, this is part of a presentation I'm working on which focuses on the founders of America – the powerful families which funded the Ivy league schools with money made from trading in slaves and opium – it's part of a larger presentation specific to America from the 17th century up to 1913 when the Federal Reserve Act was passed.   So, I'm ignoring certain things so it doesn't get too long.  

    I am "animating" that genealogy chart, zipping around on the screen and explaining who all these people were and why they are important.   I thought I should post it just for the benefit of my readers – because, I don't think anyone has ever tried to put something like this together before.

    As for specific questions, yes, I'm sure the London Morgan at the right of the map is the same Welsh Morgan family, but I have not found the connection.   (Much of this information is very hard to get at.)  No, I wasn't able to connect the Perrys to the other families, but I wanted to include it because, in my presentation, I point out that Japan was invaded and opened up to trade (by Commodore Perry) to give the New England opium-running families a port near China to re-coal their steam-ships.   This is information I will add verbally in my presentation.    Of course, August Belmont was the Rothschild agent in the US at the time.

    I have only been able to connect the Roots to the rest via that one connection.

    The Fords, to my knowledge, are not related to the other elite families.   I'll bet they are, by I haven't stumbled on the evidence yet.

    Not interested in the alledged Hitler-Rothschild connection.   I know all about it, its questionable.   Doesn't matter, that falls under the 2nd part of my presentation (I'm not there yet), dealing with the 20th century.  

    No, the Rothschilds are not related to any of these people.  Rothschilds, almost exclusively, only married Rothschilds.

    The Bush connection doesn't begin until the early 20th century, when Samuel Bush runs Frank Rockefeller's 'Buckeye Steel Castings' factory in Ohio.   That's why that's not in there – I'm dealing only with a time period from the Puritans to the setting up of the Federal Reserve.

    Yes, I could try to add more connections with the DuPont family, the Aldrich family, etc., but where does it end?  It would just get too big if I didn't draw the line somewhere.   


    Thanks for your feedback, I hope I've answered your questions, cheers.








  5. Alexey said,

    Thanks to youuu. 🙂
    "Not interested in the alledged Hitler-Rothschild connection.   I know all about it, its questionable" jajajaja, perfect. This was a test for your rigurosity and you have been able to pass it with the best qualification (also the Ford thing was a test 🙂 )
    "Rothschilds, almost exclusively, only married Rothschilds" please i have to see a chart of this statement because is very difficult to see a good and complete one on the internet
    "it's part of a larger presentation specific to America from the 17th century up to 1913 when the Federal Reserve Act was passed" Wow man, you are doing a hard job and i think that when the world is liberated of these nazi-capitalist elite banksters i am going to build with my own hands a monument to you in the middle of Rockefeller Center, so people see one of the million of heroes of democracy and the working class. I am excited to see your new presentation. I imagine it as the documentary but done in a more specific and analitic form.
    I want to remember to you another time the importance of the Bussiness Plot (wall street coup attempt to establish a fascist america). These are vey good sources for that, and you will see that many of the people of the chart and the documentary converge in the fascist conspiracy (averys, dupont, morgan, rockefeller):
    And you can know things about the nazi-wallstreet infiltration in the academic, cultural, military and political life of america in the decade they planned th coup by a  John L. Spivak book called Secret Armies: The New Technique of Nazi Warfare (http://www.archive.org/details/secretarmiesb00spivrich)
    and also Pattern for Domestic Fascism
    Another thing less related to this but interesting, is the idea of a german-french-british-monarchy conspiracy to take over america. This ultra conspiranoic documentary (but very interesting because of some true and courius facts) tells about the French Daniel Payseur (son of the Louis XVI) that after the french revolution escape with the aid of the secret arm of british-german monarchs and then is sent to the US where Rockefeller waits him to receive the fortune to build an oil empire without problems. The money for that fortune was not only from the royal family but also Rothshcilds Money. Its a strange (in some cases nonsense) documentary but i think you would really like to see it. Also is the best that i have see in what is refered to the fascist american banksters finance of the third reich.:
    (it starts at 2:00)
    "Yes, I could try to add more connections with the DuPont family, the Aldrich family, etc., but where does it end?  It would just get too big if I didn't draw the line somewhere. "
    please my friend do it. because, if it is true that is a non pedagogical form to inform people, it is also true that a more detailed chart backed by an enormous amount of data is more rigourous and more difficult to deny. We have to enlist and explore all the structure part by part without limitations (i suggest).
    Thank you for all and bye 🙂

  6. admin said,

    The point of that genealogy chart is that (a) all of those families are Norman and fought at Hastings and received, for their service from William the Conqueror, lands, title and, for their descendants, a seat at the table of Anglo-American influence, and (b) they are all CHRISTIAN, and (c) they are all related by blood.

    There is a Jewish branch of this ruling elite, but they all descend from the Huns/Magyars who invaded Europe (at exactly the same point in historical time as the Viking invasion of northern France – later 9th century!!!).

    Guess what, they all intermarried. May Jewish families converted and became Holy Roman Emperors. Those who inherited the Khazar/Hun blood of Melusina and took turns as the Germanic Holy Roman Emperors of the high Middle Ages are the 6 prominent families represented by the characters of the Flintstones …. Fred (Frederick I & II of Hohenstaufen), Wilma (Flanders), Barney (Brunswick), Betty (Wettin)…


    The “Var” in ‘VarAngian’ is “Avar”+”Angle” … the Avars were Jewish, and that blood entered France through Rabbi Makhir – who was baptized and took on the name Theodoric … his son was Guillaume de Gellone, subject of many poetic tomes of the time. Guillaume and his sister, Bertha of Autun, fed their Avar blood into every (from there on) important Frank noble family.

    It took me 10 years to figure that out.

    I’m sure that’ll fly over the heads of most readers, but, in short, that’s why the Christian elite in charge of our government(s) bend over backwards to defend Israel, no matter how badly she behaves.

  7. admin said,


  8. admin said,

    @ Alexey, if you are still out there.

    I have come to the conclusion that there is a conspiracy to control the planet, that its main aim (and has been for over 200 years) is to stop the American experiment (pretty much accomplished). The rub is whether (as Ben Franklin suggested) people should have liberty and sovereignty over their own lives and be governed by representatives who are servants of the people who elected them, or whether we are all slaves and the government (or monarch) holds sway over us. The later of these two societal models is called Feudalism, and although it wears different clothes now, that’s what we’ve pretty much got here in America lately.

    The re-feudalization of countries is being implemented (strangely enough) via socialism. We are seeing it manifest inch-by-inch here in the US as we speak. I do not think it is a “Jewish conspiracy” however. The Rothschilds made a bunch of money in the 19th century and were eventually let into the circle, but it’s not their war that’s being fought. It’s, basically, the (echo of the now defunct) British East India Company, the Norman descended Anglo-American elite, trying to control everything, and, there are some Jewish banking houses in on the deal.

    You mention the family Avery in your comment. Many of the American elite, in my chart, connect through the Avery family. Avery evokes Avallon, Avar, the etymological root of these names – Apple (think forbidden fruit of Eden and some of the dragons who guarded apple orchards in myths – apple is code for truth) – and, in the Hebrew, if you look up the meaning of AVR, it’s “Light.”

    It’s all very interesting, and I still can’t quite put my finger on it, but going through the genealogy, it seems that these influential American (Anglophile) families bent over backwards to intermarry with the Averys. Something in the blood?

  9. Vicky said,

    I figured out while searching for my ancestors, J.P. Morgan and J.D.Rockefeller were blood related. My 14th G.G.P. Thomas Morgan and Elisabeth Vaughn, who were also J.P. Morgan’s 11th G.G.P. And J.D.Rockefeller’s 12th G.G.P. J.D.Rockefeller’s 3rd G.G.P. were Jerusha Morgan and Humphrey Avery. J.P.’s 4th G.G.F.. Was Miles Morgan. J.D.’s 6th G.G.F. Was James Morgan, Miles brother. They and another brother John all born in Wales came here on the ship ”Mary” from Bristol, England to Boston, Mass in 1636.

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