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Fascism is defined as control of industry by the State.  (When the State, the government, tightly regulates industry, tells it what to produce, how much, tries to set prices, stuff like that, that’s Fascism.  Obama tried to do more of that; Trump is doing the opposite.)

Mussolini, a lefty socialist, came up with the brilliant idea of replacing ‘class struggle’ with ‘nationalism’ within the socialist model.  The result was national socialism, i.e. Naziism.  Both Fascism and Naziism are leftist ideologies.

Nationalism is defined as love of one’s own country.  Patriotism and nationalism are not exclusive; they are synonymous.

Socialism/Communism was cooked up in England in the 1850’s (by two Germans, Engels and Marx, but under the patronage of English aristocrats), as a bulwark against the spread of the American model to Europe where the Germanic states were experiencing great prosperity copying the US’ success (and cutting into the profits of Manchester textile mills).

The Bolsheviks, during the two years prior to the October, 1917 revolution in Russia, were funded by the American International Corporation, a company created for that expressed purpose (AIC later went on to become a controlling umbrella of companies all over the world) on whose board of directors sat the creme of Wall Street financial giants.  (Just in case you missed the point, uber-capitalists created communist Russia.)

‘Democratic socialists’ insist that their ideas are different from that of pure socialists or communists, but the fact is that all reject the American ideas of individual freedom and responsibility and promote the redistribution of wealth, all while bashing capitalism, the only political/economic system that has actually been proven to raise people out of poverty.  (And I understand the difference between free-market capitalism and crony-capitalism — enemies of the American model have long promoted the later to sully the former.)

Socialism/communism has been tried dozens of times over the last century, always resulting in failure and tragedy.  Around 100 million people have died in the attempt to implement socialism/communism in nations around the word, many by execution, but the vast majority by starvation.  (Well, you can call China a success, I guess, but only because they’ve embraced free-market capitalism under their communist/authoritarian executive.)



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