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Maybe the reader has read my two posts about the Normans (more to come, I promise).  Maybe they might wonder what is it I’m getting at.

The Ivy League Schools were created by Norman families, allied with their Norman English cousins, most of the later of which were investors (at the time) in the British East India Comapany.

Those families, in America, we’re talking the Revolutionary War period, were led by the Lowell, Cabot, Perkins, Cushing and Russell families. (Most of them slave traders or merchants in the Chinese opium trade – that’s where they got the money to establish the Ivy League Schools! – and their, up to this very day, control over the “scholarly” info disseminated to the Bachelor, Master and Doctorate recipients emerging from those schools, is why there’s so many so-called intellectuals spewing complete nonsense – both on the net and on TV.  They’re regurgitating what they learned at those Ivy League schools – the WORST are the financial “gurus” – the “Keynesinites” – that brand of economists (Krugman) that insist that if the government could just pump enough printed money into the economy it could LIFT us out of recession – er, uhm, still waiting.)

Sorry to sidetrack, my point is, the Norman families who pushed so hard against the idea of a free and independent America are the same families which created the Ivy League Schools, and continue to control education in America at its pinnacle.  

There’s so much more; these families, at one time lumped together and referred to as the ‘Essex Junto,’ for the county of Essex, Massachusetts where they all lived, went to great lengths to try and STOP the “American Experiment,” which these feudalists perceived as a ridiculous and dangerous social enterprise.  

Actually, these feudalist Normans and their allies eventually succeeded in their effort to destroy America, it appears – it took them over two centuries, but they have nearly pulled it off.  [tears]

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  1. Bob P. said,

    I watched Uroko on You Tube late last night and overall, thought it presented some good history. However, I have little education in history – which I think is a good thing – and cannot compare the assertions/conclusions with any facts I have. In particular, This morning when I researched the allegation of the J F Kennedy assassination being linked to interest-free money

  2. Bob P. said,

    I don’t know wtf just happened with my comment!???
    Anyway, what evidence do you claim for Kennedy and Lincoln assassinations being linked to banking?
    As for the Norman conquest, I guess I’ll take it as true for now until proven otherwise in my seeking.

  3. admin said,

    @"Anyway, what evidence do you claim for Kennedy and Lincoln assassinations being linked to banking?"

    Lincoln fought two wars, one against the south and one against the bankers.  He needed money to fight the war, they offered $ at 30-some percent interest, in the end he was advised that he could simply print money, which he did, his Greenbacks.  This cut the banks out of the currency-printing racket.  Midway into the war his authority to print Greenbacks came up for congressional re-authorization, the bankers had enough congressmen in their pockets to stop him, and he was forced into approving the National Banking Acts of 1863 and 1864 which gave the country's biggest banks the power to print national currency (for the first time) and legalized fractional-reserve banking (albeit at a 3 to 1 ratio).  I can't prove that bankers were behind Lincoln's assassination, but Lincoln's Greenbacks were discontinued after his death.  As for Kennedy, he printed 4 billion in Treasury Notes (bypassing the Federal Reserve, a no-no).  That, in addition to his intention to pull out of Vietnam and to dismantle the CIA was apparently enough to get him killed.  

    I can't prove any of it, but there's video of Secret Servicemen being pulled off of the presidential limo at the corner before turning into Daily Plaza.  I can't figure any other rational explanation.

  4. Sok said,

    Hi, I watched your documentary a few months ago and discovered this site soon after. I dont know where to put this so ill just add it here.
    I noticed that you still had doubts and questions about the elite and their agenda and i think theres one more source you have left to tap into.

    i would suggest you look into the quran (as a successor to the bible) and i would start off with the following 2 key subjects
    1) the anti christ (here you will find the answer to the mystery of the elites obsession with the one eye 😉
    2) gog and magog (theres a connection to the khazars and their infiltration into the european royalty and the creation of the whole zionist movement)

    i would recommend you follow the works of imam Imran Hosein. he is a scholar who deals with this subject the best. he has books on the matter and some of his lectures are available on youtube

    please try looking into this with