The Ubiquitous Dragon

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  1. elreb said,

    The Babylon “Dragon” is often represented on Kushite Kudurru stones along with the god “Anu” as in this example:

  2. admin said,

    Anu plus the Sumerian word for dragon – naki, gives you Annunaki.   Those of royal blood.   

  3. admin said,

    Forgive me if I'm deluded, but I think we are slowly converging on a useful and valid picture of the roots of our world. 

    I better bone up on the Kushites!

  4. KrNel said,

    Those are some nice links of dragon sources. 🙂 Thanks.
    Keep it up, you were always onto something, just getting to it is the chore 😉  Mr. Sun Eagle helps out well 😉

  5. KrNel said,

    Have you heard of "The Sumerian Swindle"?
    It's a book written by someone who is pro white, anti-"Jew".  And go figure it's easy to see: it is also titled "How the Jews Betrayed Mankind"
    I'm sure there is a LOT of usefull infromation, aside from his bend on "ITS THE JEWS" simplicity going back 5k years.  I don't see them as the same people, only the pscyhological mindset and framework (meme) has survived in some form while transforming, adopting and shedding various ideological characteristics along the way to become what we have today as a money-obsessed mind-virus that controls so many, so something like that.o
    Anyways, I figure there is lots of good info on that group and Sumer and the Fertile Crescent, origins of stuff, etc.  Just a grain-of-salt filter is required 😉

  6. admin said,

    Yeah, I had to laugh when the ADL came out and called Helen Thomas "anti-semitic" … she's LEBANESE! – She's a Semite! 

    I would like to do a piece on the "Jewish" thing, introducing all of the elite coats of arms of ancient non-Jewish families which feature the Magen David, dive into Rothschild involvement (and, more significantly, non-involvement) in various events, try and make sense of everything and clearly state my POV.

    In fact I started it a few times, only to surrender.

    As you can imagine, it's a tricky topic.  🙂

  7. elreb said,

    Hebrew, Israel and Judah [Jews] are not the same thing but one thing that is for sure…is that…Jews are also "White". [And very smart]
    Sanders is a "Snowball" of great information…

  8. KrNel said,

    Ive tried as well, "Jewish" identity is a big complex issue.  And its very tedidous as far as what is and isn't "true"… people believe what they want.

  9. elreb said,

    Within the confines of the definition of “Jewish”, Sanders and I understand Jewish history more than they…the Jews… do.
    It did not end in 587 BC. Heck…1948 – 587 = over 1300 years…this is pure BS.
    What about the 40-50,000 at Aswan…where did they go?

  10. KrNel said,

    Hehe, yup, I'm sure many people understand "Jewish" history more than they do.  I appreciate Shlomo Sand's view on the issue: The Invention of the Jewish People.  An important demonstration of how delusional their convictions on identity come from.  Recommended read 😉  Proselytizing "Jews" were always big in "history", despite their desire to be a unqique "race"… LOL.

  11. admin said,

    I have become pretty convinced that the Jewish people have been "played" over the last 100-odd years.  There's a bunch of evidence that supports that view, and I do intend to spill all the beans I've picked up over the years … in an article … but again, it's a complicated and tricky affair and I want to put it together clearly and logically.   (In due time my pretty, in due time…) 

    Anyway, it's pretty daunting how the elite have played their cards … IMO.

  12. elreb said,

    “Played” is a good word because both sides got played.
    The “J” word is like the “N” word and has little to do with reality.
    The “C” word should become the real bad guys…
    The “C” people have killed more humans…

  13. elreb said,

      Thailand Siam is also rich in Dragons   

    (Removed broken link.)

  14. admin said,


    Big dragon region … I have taken only a cursory look at that area … but, I suspect that their culture was infected in the same way Japan's was – via the Xiongnu.    

  15. elreb said,

    What we do know…is that the empire of Cyrus (558-330 BC) extended beyond India…
    Xiongnu had a ruling class of unknown origin…
    Seems like “Nu” rings a bell!

  16. admin said,

    Origin?   The Mittani … the Chalybes  … Corybantes …. that crowd.  

    (I suspect.)

  17. elreb said,

    Great answer…Chalybes would relate to Chaldea of Anatolia near the Black Sea who are credited with ferrous metallurgy. Check it out = Chalybes = Land of Halys.
    Halys to the home town of Abram in Mitanni was less than 200 miles.
    That would make “Nu” or “Anu” correct. 

  18. elreb said,

    In Egyptian myth, “Nu” the watery One…is credited as being the Father of the gods and has something to do with water and a boat…
    Just guessing but this reminds me of Noah…and if true…would put the Great Flood around the Black Sea. 

  19. admin said,

    @elreb "In Egyptian myth, “Nu” the watery One…is credited as being the Father of the gods and has something to do with water and a boat…

    Just guessing but this reminds me of Noah…and if true…would put the Great Flood around the Black Sea. "

    OMG – Far out !!!!  

    @ "Chalybes would relate to Chaldea of Anatolia" …. The Arthurian legends … Ex-Calibur =  the Exe river in Devon + Chalebes.    …. That's from where we get our word 'caliber'.  (!)

  20. admin said,


  21. elreb said,

    I got another one…
    "Sinuwa"… Sinope, Turkey [Sinopic red earth"] gave its name to a red arsenic sulfate =”Ar-Sen-ikon”
    The moon god “Sin” came from Haran… Alchemical symbol for arsenic is the Jewish Star…
    The color of Set was Red…
    Red land…Black Land

  22. elreb said,

        The letter “N”   In Hebrew NCHSH = serpent/dragon and NCH = Noah Naga = serpent Neptune & Nethuns were sea and water gods like Poseidon Egyptian word for Water is also the letter “N” En-lil:  Babylonian god of the air between earth and sky. En-lil: Sumerian god was the son of An and Nin-tu Sin or N-anna was moon god, son of En-lil. In-anna daughter of N-anna and Nin-gal En-ki was god of the waters Sindhu = kingdom on Sindhu River now the In-dus River People called Sindh/Sindhus; language = Sindhi People on the Indus = called Indians Religion: Indus = Hindus = Hindu 

    (Removed broken link.)

  23. admin said,

    Good stuff elreb, as always.   Words, even LETTERS … belie ancient roots.   Our language, our days of the week, our words for things as humble as cap and cup (derived from Kapala, a drinking vessel made from the skull of a fallen foe, and which bears a curious resemblance to the word 'Kabbalah'!) are rooted deeply in a heritage which has been hidden from us – it's THEIR heritage, and 'they', I'm sure understand the language.   

    I understand it too, to a fair degree, after 10 years chasing the 'dragon'.  Elreb, I suspect you have many more years under your belt, for you keep blowing me away with your depth of knowledge.

    Anyway, its all connected.   The true big picture is pretty simple and easy to grasp.   But, you have to let go first, because everything you have been taught is propaganda, to shield the people behind the scenes who control our world from being discovered as to who they are and where their roots lie … this applies to ancient history two-fold.   Ancient history is  where there the REAL dirty secrets reside. 

  24. elreb said,

    Carnac in Brittney can also be spelled Carnhac with “Hac” having the meaning of Serpent or Dragon. Thus “Hill of the Serpent”. In popular language, a “Hag” is a devilish, cunning witch.
    About 8 miles northwest of Carnac is the village of “Belz” that was said to house the sanctuary and alter of “Bel”. [Belus] There is also a “Tumulus” called Crubelz or better Crug-belz which is obviously from the words Crug and Belz. The word Cruger means a hill. [Hill of Bel] Two sets of axes with bronze bushings were discovered there.
    Hebrew “Ob” is said to equal serpent thus Obel = serpent god. 

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