“Holocaust”: Etymology

Holocaust means literally, "sacrifice by fire, burnt offering".


Sacrifice!??  Burnt offering???

Why this word?

Makes sense when you look at the holocaust for what it was – the sacrifice of millions of Jews in the service of creating the Israeli state.   This is confirmed by the involvement of American tycoons and Jewish bankers in the funding of Hitler and the Third Reich.   So, is Israel's reason d'etre really that of a homeland for the Jews?   Or were the Jews used?  

The documented involvement of the Bush, Harriman, Rockefeller and Jewish Warburg families in the funding of Nazi Germany is both well documented and touched on in Uroko part 11.  

I'm tempted to go further, but this deserves a whole article.    Suffice for now to say that Blood Sacrifice and Order out of Chaos are ancient concepts that apparently haven't yet gone out of style among the wielders of power.  

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  1. Kenneth S. Doig said,

    Good to see you know the truth. I am sure you know about the far, far worse, 150 plus milllion civilians, children murdered by the Khazar-Jewish -led Bolsheviks and the Jewish-run Soviet terror, financed by the Judeo-Masonic Centralbankers, justs to name a few, Jacob Schiff, Paul Warburg, the "Swede", Olov Aschberg, (I've lived in Sweden, speak fluent Swedish, my wife is Swedish and Olov Aschberg looks like no Swede Ive ever seen, even the Swedish-Jews have more Nordic blood in them, but not Olov who is hyperbrachycephalic, hook-nosed, swarthy, in a word, of the Armenoid race so common among the Khazars. I know not all Jews are bad, but most are complicit. As a courtesy, I reposted your article (Removed broken link.) on my blog, (Removed broken link.) I haven't read it yet, just parused it and it looks fascinating. Don't think I agree with it, but it's well-written and though-provoking. I will give you full attribution by name, your email and a link back to your blog. Great article. Kenneth 'Ken' S. Doig kendoig@aol.com

  2. admin said,

    Thanks, Kenneth, appreciate the re-post and the comments.

    I can't agree with this: "I know not all Jews are bad, but most are complicit."

    I have been studying this a long time.  This is a "Hebrew" ruling elite that have us by the balls.   Some are/have been "Jewish", most are and have been "Christian" … but all are Hebrew – ever heard of the "Rose Line"? – that's really the "Rus line", or the "Ros line" – i.e. the RED line.   When Judah had twins the first to stick his arm out of the womb was Zerah, and the midwife (as per the biblical account) tied a red string around the infant's wrist – but then Pharez pulled him back and emerged first.   Pharez went on the parent the tribe of Judah, while Zerah's descendants, apparently, migrated to Greece and Troad.   One son or grandson of Zerah was Darda, called by the Greeks Dardanus, whose progeny were the Kings of Troy.   These are the ancestors of the leaders of the Franks and Vikings both, and hence the aristocracy of Europe, England and Scotland in the middle ages.  

    The Jewish lines which are important descend, instead, from the Huns and Khazars.   They all intermarried, i.e., these ruling elite have worn their religion like a baseball cap for a millenium.   If you refuse to recognize the Christian element in all this, you are kidding yourself.   It goes deeper than Christian/Jew.   These people follow the precepts of the ancient Kabbalistic pagan world. 


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