Was listening to a little vid on youtube about the courts and admiralty law.   These guys were talking about what really happens when a judge retires briefly to his chambers and then returns to the courtroom.  Apparently, it becomes a new court under admiralty and, unless the parties understand what is happening (which none do) and reestablish their "standing" in the court, they lose it.   (I assume these guys are talking about the courts in England.)

Admiralty law is an interesting topic in its own right, they mentioned the Rolls of Oleron, which marked the beginning of admiralty or maritime law.   The Rolls of Oleron were introduced by Eleanor of Aquitaine and are named for Oleron (unsurprisingly), an island off the Aquitaine coast.

Eleanor of Aquitaine's blood was about as "dragon"-colored, in terms of my POV here, as you can get.  On her father's side she boasted ancestors Rollo the Viking (great x5 grandfather), Charlemagne the Great (great x11 grandfather), and possibly William of Gellone.  On her mother's side she descends from the Lusignan clan.  She married King Henry II of England (William the Conqueror's great-grandson) and sired the Plantagenet kings of England.  

But most interesting was this little tidbit – that the legal word "bar", as in the International Bar Association or the Bar exam, as well as the "bar-bar" in the word 'barbarian' both derive from Ba'al.

Sounds plausible to me.  😉


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