You won't find it on any maps, and if you try to type it your automatic spell-check will tell you you have misspelled the word …  but if you google "Osiria" you'll get about 30,000 hits.  The word implies 'the land of Osiris' … whatever that actually might mean.  

I have a friend, a very smart friend, who is way ahead of me on matters preceding the Trojan War at least, who has been prodding me to investigate more into Cyrus the Great.  

I am satisfied that Cyrus ties directly into the early dragon-line, and that Persia can be regarded as Per-Zeus.  I'm not confident enough about Cyrus to say much more at this point … but I am convinced that Ba-by-lon, like Bar-bar-ian, can be regarded as a derivative of 'Ba' or 'Bar' repeated, 'Ba' as in 'Ba' the counterpart of 'Ka' in Egypt (the two prongs of spirituality and a component of 'Ka-Ba-Lah)', as well as of Ky-'Bel', and most conspicuously, 'Ba'al'.

And, it just occurred to me, that "Osiria" looks a heck-of-a-lot like … 'Assyria' !!!!

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