Morgans and Rockefellers

I try not to veer onto the subject of the "dragon blood-line" as I (and a few others) call it when I'm around friends or at work cause, well, I can get carried away and I live in Japan where people are very polite and hide their true feelings well. 

But once in a while, if I'm drinking with friends and there happens to be a bottle of Captain Morgan Rum on the bar among the bourbons and designer vodkas, especially if the topic of conversation has turned on the economic crisis, I can't resist.   

"You know, that's the same family as the banker, right?"


"J.P.Morgan and that pirate there on the bottle.   Henry Morgan.  Same family."



In all fairness, J.P.Morgan the banker and Henry Morgan the buccaneer were pretty far apart on the tree, you have to go all the way back to Wales to connect them, but they were indeed related.

You often read when searching on the internet for info about the C.I.A. or the C.F.R. that Allen Dulles (who was a president of the CFR and a primary architect of the CIA) and his brother John Foster Dulles were cousins of the Rockefellers. I always try to verify things like this and, as far as I can tell, it's not true.

What is true is that John Foster Dulles married an Avery.  Janet Pomeroy Avery could claim a couple of Rockefellers as cousins, but very distant ones.  

But the Morgans are a different story.  You couldn't hold an Avery family reunion without a truck load of Morgans showing up.

A couple of other things I found interesting.   First, the Avery patriarch came to America from Devonshire, Arthurian legend-land.   Curious because the Morgans sort of pop up in those legends as the witch Morgan La Fey (and if you doubt a correlation, Morgan La Fey is usually presented in artwork wearing green and gold – the colors of the Morgan family coat of arms).  Also Avery and Avalon (or for that matter Avery and Vere or Avar) look similar enough to suspect some past linkage.   I also notice that the American Averys descend from Mary Boleyn by her first marriage whose descendants include Thomas West 3rd Baron De La Warr (known as "Lord Delaware" … Warr?, Vere?, Avar? … Warren? … Var-angian?), settler at Jamestown and Governor of Virginia for whom Delaware is named) and princess Diana.

But what I found most interesting was that the Morgan and Rockefeller families had intermarried.

So much for the idea that J.D.Rockefeller and his brothers pulled themselves up solely by their bootstraps.    :p

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