Robert the Bruce and the Templars

Something not mentioned in this clip is, the Sinclairs were the descendants of Rollo the Viking.   Also, the Brusse clan married into the Sinclair clan as well as mixing with Melissena's Byzantine/Khazar blood via the Vladimirovich family (see Melissena).   The Brusse family's roots seem to be in Abruzzo, Italy, the province crest of which features an Eagle atop 3 peaks – evoking the 3 peaks of Mt. Herman/Mt Sion, the pyamids of Giza and the 3 stars of the belt of Orion?? Some family crests feature 3 chevrons, also reflecting these 3 peaks – they are the cream of the elite, Levi being one.

This is short – I wish the whole History Channel episode was on Youtube …

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