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Actually, I don’t much care about the rest of the “entire damn world.” (Well actually I do, but the role, IMO, of the US, if it has one in all of this, is to stand up and provide inspiration and a model for success, not to deteriorate while paying for 3rd world countries’ prosperity and falling to a level whereby “one-world-goverment” becomes viable, which is what’s really going on here. And I understand that there’s a whole lot of chaos out there, much of it the fault of the dark US government over the past half century … our CIA was involved in an average of one coup or intervention per year (!) between its first coup in Iran in 1953 and the first Gulf War). The CIA was, apart from its advertised role (intelligence gathering) the attack dog of Wall Street. When a Latin-American country threatened to kick out or raise the rent on an AIC-controlled company like United Fruit, the CIA went in. (Google 1954 Guatemala coup de’etats). Anton Chaitkin, author of a fantastic book about all of this, put it succinctly: The ruling elite devised a way to message to the rest of the world, via actions by the CIA, that America was the new arm of the British East India Company. The BEIC is long defunct, but what he was saying was, Wall Street is a new incarnation of the corrupt, greedy, colonializing BEIC/DEIC (British and Dutch East India Companies). That is so true, and the US’s interventions in the Middle East has the Muslims so pissed off that it only took a little shove and encouragement to get us where we are today, with terror attacks popping up all over.

All I know is, the Clintons, the Bushes, and Obama were all players that were rubber-stamped by this elite-behind-the-scenes that are trying to create WWIII and trash the American experiment (via debt and regulations). Trump is not one of their pawns, and they are trying anything they can come up with to destroy him. I’m a little embarrassed that this outsider that came along has said some things about female genitalia, and his inability to reign in his impulse to tweet his every thought, but know this: Trump is fighting against people that want to control the entire world, put chips in all of our arms, and destroy the American experiment, the one and single time in history that a people stood up and said, we refuse to be ruled by you aristocrats (their multi-generational goal over the past 240 years), forever. Personally, I’m rooting for Trump.

… I know my history, and I understand what’s going on politically in this country right now, and it’s difficult for me to remain silent when I see it all falling apart while the true evil-rich-bastards “behind the curtain” are poised to win, and everyone is attacking the one person standing in their way.

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  1. S said,

    any update on your book?

  2. admin said,

    No, sorry. Current job uses up all available brain-cells.

  3. admin said,

    Sorry, brain cells busy trying to make a living.

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