Why do I support the clown over the crook?

I guess it’s time I weighed in.

Orange face, yellow hair, possibly a womanizer, sticking his foot in his mouth every ten minutes. Ughgh. But yeah, I hope and pray that this “clown” wins. The alternative is the erasure of the American Republic.

Something is happening in this country that is totally unprecidented. Here, we have an outsider, a true outsider, with no political experience, but with enough money and/or blind gumption to attempt to really go against the static quo and upset the apple cart. They, the invisible elite, are going after him with all chambers loaded, attacking from both the left and the right, as anyone can see, and it’s all playing out on our TVs and smart phones daily. Trump even proclaims that the mainstream media is out to get him. Really? Of course they are.

Few fully realize the extent to which the mass media is controlled by the invisible elite (they’ve spent a full century securing that control), not to mention the content of American education (or lack of). What’s really at stake this November, both for “them” and for us “stupid serfs,” is the preservation of our Nation, the “crazy” idea that people are born free and sovereign, with the power to elect representatives to govern on their behalf.

That “crazy” idea has been under assault since 1776, initially by a cabal of families (Cabot, Lowell, Cushing, et al.) loyal to the British aristocracy, and who evolved into the global elite/”men behind the curtain” of today. This November 8 is the day the nutty (and in history, unprecedented) idea that it’s the people that really run the show will be put to the test.

Maybe you can guess who will attempt to put the original founders’ ideas to work to save the nation and restore it to the greatness it is capable of, and who actually works for the invisible elite who are trying to destroy the country (so they can eventually fold it into their wet-dream of a global community without borders under their control).

Do I like Trump? No. Would I want him as a friend? No. Do I think he’ll do what’s best for the Nation and for it’s inhabitants? Yes. Are we all on a bus headed for a cliff, and is our future under a Clinton administration a very dark one? Yes. If Trump is elected, will he stomp on the brakes, turn the bus around, steer away from the cliff and back into prosperity and security? Yeah, I think so. I think, actually, that the country’s founders, were they alive, would all vote for Trump.

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