Roger Stone arrested

Many, or most, aren't aware of what's really going on here.  The elite are not happy that Trump is president, but they like, or can suffer him, in one respect: he has a talent for polarizing the country into two camps, lately at each other's throats.  They love that.

The elite figure they can withstand a term or two with Trump, a true outsider, in the White House, and then come back (in a vengeance) and try to redo what he has undone.  But they want to make sure that this never happens again, that an outsider like Trump never achieves the presidency.   So they are targetting, destroying the lives of anyone in his circle (under the auspices of Russian collusion, while Mueller is charging people with anything but) to send a message.  You think you can run for president without our approval?  Good luck assembling a team; we will destroy them just like we destroyed Trump's team.  That's the message that is being sent right now.  

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