The world according to Katie Perry

“No barriers, no borders … we just need to, like, coexist.” 🙂

Give me a hug (right before you explode your IED and turn me and 20 teenage girls that came to see my concert into body-parts) ’cause we love you so much. Gawd. This stuff drives me nuts. We have to push back against this idiocy. It is driven from behind the scenes, super-rich asshats that view chaos as a means to a new order, with them, as-per their ulterior motives, achieving unstated goals along the way. They’ve been doing it since WWI. The only reason they don’t try and start another full-scale world war is, too many countries possess nuclear weapons, and it’s just too dangerous. So they’ve switched to this Islamist terrorism angle. How they pull it off is somewhat of a mystery to me, but I have no doubt as to who is ultimately behind it and what their goals are. Trump is the fly in the ointment, their worst nightmare. That’s why the entire mainstream media is unified in attacking him with this bogus Russia collusion garbage. Here’s something to consider: If there is indeed a collective, international, force “behind the curtain,” (members of which meet regularly at institutions like the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg Group, not to mention, the UN!?), wealthy and powerful proponents of Globablization that push for the opening of borders, letting all these Islamist nut-jobs go all over the place and perpetrate these terrible incidents, did it ever occur to you that the fact that these same people that are trying to run everything behind the scenes, whose proven mechanism for change is ‘Order out of Chaos,’ tied in with Leftist support for open borders and increasing diversity (even at the expense of any semblance of safety), has it not occurred to you that the people behind the leftist agenda and the obsession with “diversity” are the same people driving the radical Islamist extremist trend and ISIS itself are one and the same? (Hint: they’ve been behind both all along.) Radical Islamist extremism can be traced to the support of the Mujahedeen by the CIA as engineered and supported by Zbignew Bzezinki (close pal of David Rockefeller), beginning 1979, when he managed to get the Afghan-Soviet war started. This has all been carefully and patiently plotted over the past 38 years. Trump is standing in their way … I just wish more Americans really understood all of this and stood behind their president, instead of supporting the bad-guys in taking him down.

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