Where’d all the jobs go?

Jobs move overseas because the US over-regulates (and taxes) businesses to the point of pushing them out. Wages and unions are a part of it, but faulting corporations for trying to make money is like shouting at the rain. But the more relevant point is, it is all intentional and by design. The outsourcing of America's manufacturing base is the result of a 100 year long trend, couched in "Universal Laws" which have taken powers from the states and allowed the Federal Government to regulate everything under the sun under the guise of its inter-state commerce powers (enumerated in the Constitution). I even suspect that the big corporate scandals, like Enron, are fomented … they are always followed by more regulations which in fact give the biggest corporations advantage over smaller businesses, pushing them aside. 

The super-rich are in power, they hold the reigns. The only way to get power back is to go back to basics … get rid of the FED (and in turn their control over the volume of money and the business cycle), repeal any regulations that are not sensible and necessary or that infringe on the rights of the people to conduct business freely, and so level the playing field. Of course none of that will ever happen, but barring that, we're at their mercy whether the system is capitalistic, socialistic, democratic, whatever. They don't care … so long as we don't revert back to a truly free capitalist society under a Constitutional Republic as the founders envisioned … which America prospered under … the bankers hate that … they spent a full century trying to get around it. And they did.

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