We are literally at war right now — those who hope to finally destroy the whole concept of America, a country run by it's own people where the administrators are elected by and accountable to the people that elected them, where corruption is (supposed to be) untolerated, and where everyone is (supposed to be) free to pursue their dreams and make the most of their lives, and, collectively, make the most of their country, that is, create what our ancestors actually created, thanks in no small part to the blueprint that our founders handed them and us: the most successful, happy, powerful country on earth that everyone wants to come to. The elite (invisible to most) HATE the whole idea. They have from day one (they think they are the only ones entitled to rule over us peons), and they are still trying their best to destroy this country and what it stands for.

That's why Trump is being attacked so viciously day after day from all sides. It's so obvious. I'm just so saddened by the fact that half the country doesn't see it, and rushes to the side that want's to destroy the single time in human history that a people stood up to their oppressors (not so much King George as everyone thinks, but more the British East India Company, whose tea we threw into Boston Harpor) and said, F-you, we are free, we are creating our own country now, stop us if you can, won a war (against all odds) and made it so. I want to say to all of these people, why are you so intent on helping the real bad guys, on aiding in committing national suicide? I just thank God that DT jumped on the bus before it headed over the cliff, turned it around, and has it heading in the right direction for the first time in decades. How he continues to suffer all of the slings and arrows and yet keeps focused on the good of the country, I can't fathom.

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