Deep State? I’d go even further …

There is a continuous narrative stretching back to the revolution, people, families, corporations, whose main goal was to destroy the crazy idea that people could rule themselves and that government should be small and responsive to the people. They HATED that idea from the moment it was proposed and have been fighting against it ever since. They believe in themselves running the show. We’re all just peons, stupid sheep, and they are entitled to half of our hard-won wages, that’s just the way it should be, because they are the elite and we aren’t. They are, for all intents and purposes, invisible (unless you dig and discover their names), but they are known by their deeds. Control over the bulk of mass media, dominance over what movies get green-lighted in Hollywood, control over the content of education in our schools, their nutty leftist agenda completely dominant within our universities, particularly the expensive ones, Ivy League schools leading the charge. They used to pick our presidents, too, but that tradition got a wake-up call when Donald Trump won the presidency and started to dismantle the — let’s call it the “Deep Infrastructure.”

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