Paul Warburg was the architect of the Federal Reserve Act. This was hammered out on Jeckyl Island (Georgia) in 1910 by representatives of the Rockefeller (Chase Manahattan, Citi) Morgan, Harriman, Rothschild and Warburg (and a couple other European) banking families to get control of America’s currency. The Federal Reserve is not a government institution, it’s a cabal. Yes, they turn over (they say) their profits over to the treasury every year, but not before the owners of Fed regional bank stock pocket their 6.5% dividends. Who are the current owners? No one knows. It’s a secret. Furthermore, the Fed has never been audited.

So, what’s this have to do with Brexit? Paul Warburg’s son, James Warburg, said this in front of the Senate sub-committee on foreign relations in February of 1950:

“We shall have one-world government, whether by consent or by conquest.”

The EU, of course, (like the UN, the World Bank, the IMF, and the long-defunct League of Nations) is one of the brain-childs of these characters. They (TM) want top-down world government. The British people just gave ’em the middle finger. Good.

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