Fxcked up. But, even if it weren’t fxcked up, it is another (big) step toward a socialist America. Obama was put into office to enact these sort of policies – yes, he is a puppet, but he (I suspect) doesn’t know it. He was groomed and supported because he believes in that kind of America. (It’s so ironic, he is a product of his father’s anti-imperialist marxist philosophy, in response to the exploitation of Africa by the British & Dutch East India Companies, yet, and this is what is so ironic, it is the heirs of that exploitive establishment in America, the kings of Wall Street and the Council on Foreign Relations, who run our government, who tell Obama what to do, and who he says ‘yes’ to every day – the very people he thinks he’s fighting against are his backers!).

I know that seemingly doesn’t make sense, but ‘Marxism’ as an ideology, was created in England in the late 19th century and exported to Germany to protect British textile interests. Anything, news or history related, is better understood if you think of everything in terms of the Norman aristocracy of Britain (and their American cousins) trying to stop the American ideal of free people pursuing their dreams, in the interest of preserving their own feudalistic caste system – beginning with the Duke d’Orleans’ opposition to Benjamin Franklin’s crazy idea in the 1760’s (that people should be free and are born sovereign), when he proposed it in France, right up to the present day.

We are being screwed, and it’s not by happenstance, its not coincidence. It’s the culmination of a 200+ year campaign. Fed rates at 0% is how we get bubbles – you saw the destruction the last time, now we have a bond bubble.

Very few understand the history of this campaign, nor its ideological roots, which is why everyone talks about the symptoms (on TV and elsewhere, to no avail other than to attract viewers) but never about the actual disease.

America became the most prosperous and happy nation in the world because its founders understood all of these things and wrote a Constitution which would (hopefully) secure the republic and ward off the evils of Feudalism. The Feudalists, unfortunately, have taken over our media, dumbed us all down, thrown out our Constitution (in practice), destroyed our economy and the soundness of our money, and what they have in store for us next I don’t really want to even think about.

The reason I write is, the present can only be understood in the context of history, and our history was re-written (by the winners). I’m interested in our real history – and, it’s as interesting as it is surprising.


Some whine about a Jewish elite trying to take over the world. Yeah, OK, a couple of Jewish banking families are in on this, but at its core, it is a Norman Anglican effort to restore what they lost when the British Empire collapsed. Google & read about Cecil Rhodes. Anyway, here’s some genealogy in support of my (admittedly unique) view. (Notice, nearly all of these families descend from Normans who fought with William the Conqueror, winning lands and title in 1066.)



P.S. Sorry I was cryptic about the Ben Franklin-Duke d’Orleans conflict – which led to the French Revolution. Hopefully can further address this bizarre and earth-shattering chapter of history, which I am still learning about.

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