Immigration (response to a friend)

[Friend], your uncle fought for our country, the United States of America. The US is a country with borders; you want to come live here, work here, we have rules. Follow the rules, we welcome you. We are the most welcoming nation toward immigrants on the planet, over a million legal immigrants per year (off the top of my head — I know it’s more than any other country). I spent 6 months of effort gathering paperwork and $5,000 in lawyer’s fees getting a visa to legally work in Japan, which I did. I never thought Japan a racist, unwelcoming country for requiring me to jump through those hoops. Nor do the millions of legal immigrants living in the US, many citizens or hard-working people pursuing their citizenship, to whom this ‘caravan’ poses the greatest threat. This ‘caravan’ was organized by super-rich-white people that are determined to destroy this country, the one and only time in human history that a people stood up to their oppressors (at that time, the British) declared their independence and their God-given right to rule themselves, made it so by winning a war, and became the most successful, prosperous nation the planet has ever known.

But those that believed in their own right to rule over us peons because of their wealth and blood have never conceded their loss, and, extra-generationally, have been trying to destroy the idea of America ever since (I even know many of their names). This caravan is a (no one can prove it, yet, but likely) largely Soros-funded/UN-funded attempt to barnstorm the border, create chaos (maybe even shootings, to wound the president), all with the ultimate goal being to undermine the sovereignty of this country pursuant to THEIR ultimate goal, of no-borders global governance and the end to the American Experiment. That’s really what we are witnessing in real time. I’ve seen video of the ‘caravan,’ some not approved for mass-consumption. I didn’t see many women or children (in some of the footage, none). I saw a lot of young dudes throwing rocks and pushing down fences. Don’t fall for it, folks.

I debated responding, but I decided maybe I shouldn’t keep my mouth shut. [Friend], I hope you don’t take offense; love you and love your extraordinary talent. People aren’t seeing the big picture, of what’s going on, and if it goes badly, we could lose this country to the global elite that want to destroy it … and that would be a very sad thing. If we lose the idea of America, what it represents, (and there are people working overtime to destroy it lately, more than I’ve ever witnessed) we’ll never get it back.

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