How they do it

The American President, starring Michael Douglas, Annette Bening and Martin Sheen was released in 1995 and received unanimous praise.  

It's a heartwarming flick about a love affair between a US president and a lobbyist – and more.   It's also a blatant propoganda vehicle.  This thing came out more than 10 years before Gore's 'An Inconvenient Truth'.   In the later Al Gore actually pleads the case that human activity will cause the ice-caps to melt and life as we know it to end … in 'the American President' the idea is simply woven into the plot and stated matter-of-factly as if it were gospel.  

Sydney Ellen Wade (Bening):

"Leon Kodak is as good as good as it gets when it comes to electoral strategy and I'm sure he's told the president what I'd tell him, you gotta nail down Michigan and California where they make cars and airplanes and they burn plenty of fossil fuels, but,  if I'd read these 800 pages I would have discovered that it's the burning of fossil fuels which is mostly responsible for global warming, and that the 20% reduction recommended by the GDC is a necessary first step toward arresting the catastrophic greenhouse effect which has gone unchecked by this administration …"

White House Chief of Staff (Sheen):

"I'm afraid Sydney's right …"


They also have the "guns=bad" theme woven in.  

Later in the film, 

The President (Douglas):

"You cannot address crime prevention without getting rid of assault weapons and handguns.  I consider them a threat to national security and I will go door to door if I have to but I'm gonna convince Americans that I'm right, and I'm gonna get the guns."   


Many studies have shown that the higher the gun-ownership in a community, the lower the crime.   It's not hard to figure out,  a thief is less likely to try to rob a house if they think they'll get shot.   The global warming scare too has turned out to be a hoax sold to the world with half-cooked theories and fraudulent data.  

But the passing of programs like 'Cap and Trade' (so as to tax businesses and nations for generating carbon dioxide emissions, and make no mistake we are not talking about pollutants here, we are talking about the stuff we exhale and plants breath), and taking guns out of the hands of civilians are two major things on the "to-do" list of the global elite.  

So we have balony like this put in the mouths of well-loved movie stars and then fed to us, all the way back in 1995 nonetheless.  

Is Aaron Sorkin, who wrote 'the American President' "in on it"?  Almost certainly not, but he knows what side his bread his buttered on, and he knows what themes to punch up to get his scripts made into movies with money behind them.  Conspiracy??? … well, not really, that word is just sort of (intentionally) too strong and specific to describe it.   It's just "how it's done".  

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