Merry Christmas

IN THE NEWS TODAY: Teacher teaching kindergarden kids about trans-gender topic. (Are you people out of your fricken mind!?!?) Kindergarden-aged child decides to change gender, next year, friend sees him (or her, can’t remember which gender ) on the playground, calls him (or her) by the name she knows him (or her) by (from the previous year in kindergarten), not his new female name (I think), is pulled to the principal’s office for rebuke. THIS IS INSANE!!!!!!
This is just a theory. I have no evidence to back it up, really, but I thought I’d share it, to maybe offer some rationale why this ridiculous stuff is going on.
Our country, for the last 100 years, has been controlled by the people that lead the Council on Foreign Relations. They have been picking our presidents, cabinet members, since FDR. If you don’t know about the Council on Foreign Relations, look it up.
Need to back up a bit. The elite families that have been running this country (and have been trying to change it, i.e., stop the American Experiment from succeeding, while getting rich all the while) are almost exclusively Norman; in fact, most can trace their families back to an ancestor that fought with William the Conqueror when he conquered England in 1066 and received lands and title for their loyalty.
The Normans were essentially Vikings in French clothing, and the history of the Vikings can be traced to the Trojans. The Trojans (many of them) worshipped Cybele, the Mother Goddess of Anatolia whose lover, Attis, was driven mad by her love, and castrated himself, dying and was reborn as a pine tree.
The coat of arms of Lebanon features a pine tree. (That is why.)
The pineal gland (our source of melatonin) resembles the pine nut, and so the pine cone and pine tree were repeated features in heraldry and in religious features (Christmas comes to mind).
Hundreds of bronze ‘Votive Hands of Sabazios’ have been dug up in Anatolia and the Levant. The first two fingers of the hand are extended, the third and fourth are closed. The thumb is extended, and a pine cone is usually attached to the end of the thumb (with other religiously significant items attached to other fingers).
The cult of Cybele (we’re talking 3000 years ago) involved a secretive cult whereby one was barred from joining, without an invitation (just like our CFR).  Once in the organization, it slowly occurred to the initiate that there were interior circles of members who were privy to more guarded information, and that if you minded your Qs and Ps and remained loyal, you might be invited into that “inner circle,” only to find that there was another inner circle within that!  Rings-within-rings.  This is the architecture that was adopted by the freemasons and every secretive elite society that (attempt to) run our world, including the Council on Foreign Relations.
Jumping back 3000 years, Galli priests, in their initiation rite into the Cult of Cybele, with compatriots banging on cymbals and in a drunken fervor, would castrate themselves and hang their balls on a pine tree (in honor of Attis).
Really sorry to ruin Christmas for you, if I did.
Where am I going with all of this? The logo of the US Council on Foreign Relations, the most powerful organization in the world, uses as their logo, Sabazios, on his white horse (apparently the model for George the Dragon Slayer) displaying the same hand-sign as is evident in his Votive Hand relics.  The swapping of genders traces back to the Cult of Cybele and the Galli priests.  Our Council on Foreign Relations, as their logo, features that culture’s hero, Sabazios, on their logo.   Maybe I’m wrong, and forgive me for saying, but I see a connection here. 

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