Another Facebook response (thought I’d share)

Here's another way of looking at it. The "most hated civilization in the world" is the one and single time in human history that a people stood up to their oppressors (the British, but more specifically the slave-trading opium-peddling British East India Company) and said, we are a free and independent people and we declare our rights under God and don't need you rich-Norman-assholes to rule over us anymore. … And the founders created the greatest document known to man, our constitution, declared independence, and made it so, and on that foundation grew the greatest nation on earth, where everyone wants to come. The most hated party? Republicans freed the slaves, gave blacks citizenship and the right to vote, with no help from democrats. The KKK was entirely democrat. (Really, it was. Look it up.) The most hated religion? Do unto others sounds like a pretty good motto to me, and last I checked, Muslims in many countries still throw people off of buildings for being gay and stone victims of rape to death. Do you know what Trump's crime was? Why the entire landscape of elite-controlled mass media and Hollywood and the whole democratic party (and the upper echelon of the republican party as well) are all hell-bent against him? Because he's an outsider. Because he wasn't rubber-stamped by the invisible "behind the curtain" establishment that think they own everything, including us. Because he bucked the system and, owing nothing to anybody, won, and gave up his luxurious life to suffer all of these slings and arrows. I have to say, he has stupid hair, says stupid things sometimes, and tweets more than he should. But I'm happy to have a real outsider in the White House that's pissing off so many of these people that thought they already owned us.

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