Two Wolves and a Lamb

The solution is KNOWLEDGE. 

Its opposite, IGNORANCE, is 'their' most powerful weapon … that's why they (TM) set out (and succeeded) to dumb down the population via their control over the educational system, a task taken on (documented by the Reese Committee in the 50's) by the endowed foundations (Rockefeller, Ford, Guggenheim, Carnegie, Peabody) as early as the 'teens' '(I'm talking early 20th century 'teens' – that's how far back this goes! … ), as well as control over the content of US media.  (They haven't been able to stifle and control content on the internet yet, but they are trying.)

Hey, THEY are responsible for the US populace (and the entire world for that matter) thinking that the US is a 'democracy'.

It might be, but that wasn't what the founders gave us … they gave us a Constitutional Republic. The two are not the same.

The word 'Democracy' cannot be found in the US Constitution, nor in the Declaration of Independence.   That's because the founders abhorred the idea of a 'democracy', which Benjamin Franklin compared to two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner.   

The robber barons who set up the Federal Reserve and the above-mentioned foundations wanted to control the US – its government, and its economy.  They pulled off the later when the Federal Reserve act was passed in 1913, and I transcribe in my movie a letter Jacob Schiff sent to Col. Edward M. House (Wilson's personal advisor at the time), thanking him for his (underhanded and silent) help in getting this "important currency legislation" passed.

The former, control over the government, i.e. control of the political machinery of the US, took a little more time.   Pursuant to that objective they created the Council on Foreign Relations.  

Elihu Root, J.P.Morgan and E.H.Harriman's lawyer, Teddy Roosevelt's close friend and Secretary of War and then State, was the first president of the Council on Foreign Relations, and was the chairman of the Carnegie Endowment in its formative years as well.   

Fast forward toward the end of WWII, they (TM) hit a bump in the road.

The Council's first "member president" was FDR, who stole America's gold from its people and set in motion the 'New Deal', 'socialism-lite'.   Well-loved, but an insider scumbag Roosevelt nonetheless, rich as a motherf#%&$r, cousin 5 times removed from Teddy, another scumbag who, I'm sure, the founders are uncomfortable sitting with on Mt. Rushmore (addressed in my movie). 

When Roosevelt died, Truman, not a member of the council, not an "insider", became president. 

Truman managed to navigate his presidency without doing too much damage (apart from bombing Nagasaki and Hiroshima and signing the Defense Act of 1947 which created the CIA) or getting shot.  

JFK wasn't so lucky.

JFK, who they (TM) assumed would listen to his father (Joe Kennedy, an insider, a member of the council), would tow the line.  

JFK unfortunately was smart as a whip, a patriot, didn't care what his father said or buy into the agenda of his father's pals at the CFR, figured out the scam, and planned to:

(a) pull out of Vietnam

(b) tear down the CIA and "scatter it to the winds"

(c) tell the US people of the conspiratorial men behind the curtain (he verbalized his intention along these lines in a speech to the American Newspaper Publisher's Association on April 27, 1961)

And (d) finally (and most significantly), JFK signed Executive Order #11110 directing the Treasury to print money – 4 billion dollars worth by the time he was assassinated 6 months later and Johnson rescinded the order – of 'Kennedy Notes'.

These were interest-free (independent of the FED) Treasury Notes which were, in the respect that they were printed by the Treasury under constitutional authority irrespective of the private banks, simllar to the 'Greenbacks' printed under Lincoln, and threatened to cut the bankers out of their 'currency racket' – that machine that is causing so much suffering in the US today.   So, like Lincoln, they blew his brains out. 

Reagan was their next mistake.   He was an actor … they thought that by having G.H.W. Bush (their guy, the former CIA director, the guy who made it into the inner circle by overseeing the assination of Kennedy) in the White House running things as Vice President, that there wouldn't be any problems.    But Reagan wasn't an idiot, he had been governor of California and started trying to rollback federal programs – as he had cut back the role of state government in California – and so he became a threat and they shot him … unsuccessfully.  

(You gotta read this: 


Funny, you can have a 'Lone-nut-gunman' try and shoot the president once, but not twice.   Then people might get suspicious.   

So Reagan was able to serve out his terms. 

There haven't been any problems since then, all the Presidents and leaders of Congress since have been in their court, they've managed to crash the US economy, lots of wars going on, apart from the earth cooling instead of warming (which is a slap in the face of their 'global warming' hoax) I think their 'Order out of Chaos' blueprint is moving along quite nicely, and I think they do too, and little birds tell me that they are so pleased (at our collected inability to do anything about it) that they have moved their timeline up, hence, lots of Chaos these days.  

But, I want to get back to the 'Wolves and the 'Lamb'.

Why?  Why would the elite want to promote the idea that America was a Democracy?

Because under a 'democracy' 51% of the population can tell the other 49% what to do or how much to pay, etc…. , and they knew that by simply moulding opinions (via their control over the media and education) they could override the constitution and do whatever the f$%& they wanted.

Why do you think there's always a poll, the news shows show the results of the latest poll, more people think this than that?   That's not what the founders had in mind, in a Constitutional Republic there is the rule of law, small government (I can't resist – the Constitution suggests a day in December – a SINGLE DAY!!! – for the Congress to meet and do the year's business of the country) and, apart from that, Liberty, Freedom.   That's it, and that's how America grew to be the greatest nation on earth for its time – not with government "help", but on the backs of a people unshackled from government intervention and driven to succeed!

Just watch the news – pundits argue, but nothing ever gets done, nothing, that is, that would have a chance in hell of reversing our ruinous course.   

That's because the people in charge don't want to reverse it!  This is what they planned, this is what they engineered, this is what they want!   Ignorance, endless and pointless debate,destruction of the dollar (preceded by crazily high prices) and Chaos!!!

They started planning for this a century ago, and implemented plans and formed institutions to make it happen.

They are getting close to their goal, and are becoming giddy.

But this is the death-knell of America, of Liberty, of the (at that time radical) idea of personal Sovereignty.

What's to be done???

I refer to the first sentence of this post …  pilfered from my friend and contributor here, elreb …

The solution is KNOWLEDGE. 


A lot of people see the greedy capitalists stealing our wealth and get behind those who would try and redistribute that wealth, giving some of it back to us peons.

Well, first of all, the uber-rich aren't going to give any of it back.   The hammer will fall on the not-so-uber-but–kind-of-rich who the "uber-rich" would like see fail so they can snatch up their companies while destroying jobs.    Obama (Council on Foreign Relations member) is every bit in the pocket of the elite (and invisible) managers of this country as Bush was … in fact, they let Bush behave so badly because they knew it would set us up to welcome Obama so enthusiatically … the old bad-cop/good-cop routine.     Don't be fooled, the elite are DRIVING the socialistic, redistribution-of-wealth, trend.

When Evelyn Rothschild purchased a delux apartment in Manhattan in 2001 (Henry Kissinger has a floor in the same building), it was the Obamas who recommended  an interior decorator to the Rothschild couple.  

Zbignew Brzezinski, close friend and cohort of David Rockefeller, former director of the Council, co-founder of the Trilateral Commission and master-mind of the 'war on terror' (search 'Arc of Crisis', 'Bzrezinski + Afghan-Soviet War' etc…), was Obama's Foreign Relations advisor during his campaign.  

Don't be fooled.   They are trying to enslave us … a little bit more, year by year, with carrots and sticks.  

Rfid chip, anyone?   To keep you, your money and your information safe?  Here, in your arm perhaps?  




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  1. KrNel said,

    Good post.  Rule by mob indeed.  Laws of Reason are more approriate than shifting opinionated changes.  We are indeed pregressively becoming more enslaved.
    Knowledge is the solution, but more specifically is awareness.  A critical mass of consciousness/awareness is needed to affect change.  Once people become aware of a reality, and form a new conviction and drive based on this, we can change things. 10% would be enough to have an moving mass of drive and ideology to get things changing int he right direction.
    Problem is, people do not want to learn.  You cannot become aware of something without the knowledge required to conceive of it as possible and convince yourself it is true.  Free time reduction is part of the plan too, busy busy lives we lead.
    In Canada people wanted change in many places, but are given dead end targets to vote on with usual politcal, economical and social distractions (another pivotal part of the game as mentioned in the post).  If you can create a convicng personality for people to vote for, then you can do some changes probably without people needed to learn so much information.   A later potliical platforms can be to educate your constituants so that real change can come about 🙂
    Knowledge and awareness are key.  Eveything lays in the mind.  In all aspects, the mind and belief are the factors that determine what we accept and conceive of as the truth.  Alter someones conception, and you can get them on another ideological path, good or bad.  This needs to be applied to all matters of knowledge, like economy, education, health, government, etc.  How do you get someone to know how to find out the truth as accurately as they can?  They need to know how to think right, and in comes Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric.
    Teach people how to think properly, then we can get them to acknowledge accurate information, retain that knowledge, develop conception and ideas on things that are shared by others, and become aware of the truth in our world and of others who know these things.  Unite and change!
    Peace 🙂

  2. elreb said,

    It is no secret that I do not like “Experts”.
    As Sanders has pointed out, many American Universities have been corrupted with presenting mis-information.
    Schools like Yale, Harvard, MIT, & Stanford are breeding grounds of corruption and many graduates go on to run the government and large corporations.
    KrNel is right in saying that “people do not want to learn”.
    But now we have a greater enemy in the house and that is dishonesty. Show me one righteous man among the lawless.
    At the time of Cyrus the Great, the greatest of sins was to bring false witness, borrow without return, cheating, insincerity and dishonesty. Politicians lose all the way around.
    Now it has spread into the Media and their “Words of Color”. Never forget that a half truth is a whole lie. 

  3. admin said,

    Very learn-ed post, KrNel, you hit it on the head.  Their (TM) most amazing accomplishment over the last half-century has been their ability to quash the critical thinking ability of the populace of the US – through media, video-games, drugs, education, and all manner of distraction and slight-of-hand.   It's really a sight to behold.   It took 'em a hundred years, but you have to give them (TM) credit – they turned the US populace (for the most part) into a collection of clueless lemmings.   I don't mean to be mean, but, seriously, that's the truth.   Anyone who bought into the 9/11 hoax, and/or hasn't gotten hip to it and what they are doing by now, well, I'm sorry but you can stand over there with the other clueless lemmings.   I think there's a bus arriving soon to drive us all over the cliff.  

  4. elreb said,

    Everything you have said has come true.
    You should include the 7/7 hoax

  5. admin said,

    Yeah, that was Britain's "little version".   The floor of one train was blown out FROM UNDERNEATH!!!???  Ant-terrorist exercises were happening on the SAME DAY at the SAME TIME at the SAME TRAIN STATIONS???

    Hey, it dates back to at least the African Embassy bombings, and in the US the 93 bombing of the WTC (with CIA and FBI fingerprints all over it ) and Oklahoma CIty.   I think Peter Joseph, in Zeitgeist, includes an audio quote from the now-retired  Dallas/LA CIA station chief (Ted Gunderson) who stated that all terrorist attacks in recent memory were cooked up by the CIA.   

    9/11, of course, was an inside job.   The proof is undeniable.   (Tons of nano-thermite in dust samples, Pentagon black-box data shows AA77 was too high and on the wrong course to hit the Pentagon (NTSB released official data)).   Ohh, and the BBC report (23 minutes too early) of the collapse of WTC7, with the building standing (yet un-collapsed) behind Jane Stanley in Manhattan, reporting on the very (yet-unhappened) collapse is, in hindsight, fun to watch.

    Tragedy or Comedy?   …Kinda both.   



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