The Wall Street Pentagon Papers

The Wall Street Pentagon Papers: Biggest Scam In World History Exposed – Are The Federal Reserve’s Crimes Too Big To Comprehend?

This great article (linked above) tells it like it is.

The FED lent out, at very low interest, 12 TRILLION dollars to its friends around the world.   I you are a millionaire and live in a city of a million people who are all also millionaires and you all pile all of your money together, that's a trillion.  Multiply by 12.

If you (are lucky and prosperous and) make a hundred thousand a year and that hundred thousand is represented by the height of the computer screen you are now looking at, then a trillion dollars would be higher than the earth's atmosphere.   A trillion would put you out in space. 

Then multiply by 12. That’s how much money the FED just conjured in existance and loaned to favored banks around the world. That amount would almost pay off the US national debt.

The FED is private – it's owned by private bankers … many of whom probably aren't even Americans.  But we don't know who they are, the identity of the stockholders of the member banks are a secret.

We know who set the FED up a hundred years ago though.  Rothschild banks, Rockefeller controlled banks Chase and National City of NY (Citi was the primary original investor bank), M.M. Warburg bank of Hamburg, Paul Warburg's Bank of Manhattan which later merged with Rockefller's Chase (Paul Warburg wrote the FED bill), Morgan banks, Kuhn, Loeb & Co. which was run by Jacob Schiff and Warburg, Goldman Sachs, J. Henry Schroder bankLazard Frères, the Harrimans got a small piece, as did Lehman Bros (which later merged with Kuhn & Loeb and stil lives as Peter G. Peterson's Blackstone Group).   Wells Fargo had been controlled by E. H. Harriman, so they weren't total strangers to this crowd.  Bank of America however was not invited.

The people who actually attended the Jeckyll Island meeting in 1910 (where the FED was cooked up) were representatives of the Morgan and Rockefeller empires as well as Paul Warburg.  Warburg was in charge and It is assumed that he represented the interests of the Rothschilds as well as his own family bank, as well as the 2 banks (Kuhn & Loeb, Bank of Manahattan) he helped run in the US.

Defenders of the FED like to point out that the FED is "quasi" public, since it turns its profits over to the Treasury every year.  This is technically true, however the stockholders of the FED member banks take a 6% dividend on their shares come rain or shine.  How much that might add up to I can't imagine.  Secondly the FED has never really been audited, so no one knows if they really return all of their profits to the Treasury.   Thirdly, the real power of the FED derives not from the interest it makes on money creation, but on its ability to control the volume of money in circulation, hense allowing the owners of the FED to "manage" the business cycle (create booms and busts). 

The "hijacking" of America became a sealed deal once the handful of men at the top of the pyramid got control over the issuance of America's currency. 

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  1. wasily said,

    You have to talk about Henry Ford in your documentary. This man who invented the assembly line method to allienate workers and produce in great quantities. And very good friend of Hitler. He inspire it to do the holocaust in a systematic and assembly-line-like extermination camps.

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