The ‘white-colonialist-rich-racist-asshole’ meme is increasingly popular these days.  Let me add some perspective.  The white, rich, colonialist assholes of our history were the British aristocrat stockholders of the British East India Company, who colonized the world, wreaked havoc all over during Queen Victoria’s reign (all under the flag of white supremacy), traded Indian opium to the Chinese and sold slaves to the colonies in their ‘triangle trade.’  (The Dutch East India Company, actually, was also heavily involved in the slave trade, but they were as much partners in this profiteering of third-world resources, both plant and human, as they were competitors.) 

These aristocrats in England were fervently opposed to the idea of America, that of a people free and independent (and not ruled by them), and so in the 1840’s, 1850’s, they put their weight behind two new ideas that they hoped might prove to be effective weapons against the American Experiment which was taking off like a rocket and that had spread to the Germanic States ( I speak of the Zollverien) where American-style free-market capitalism was proving a successful competitor to the cloth mills owned by English nobles in Manchester. 

These two solutions/weapons were: 1., the idea of ‘Collectivism,’ put to paper by their inductee, Frederick Engles, and his protoge, Karl Marx.  (Did you know that Das Kapital was written in England before being exported to the Germanic states?). The second was the introduction of the idea of ‘Conservatism’ (previously a completely unknown and un-thought-of idea) in India, the Idea that the State should control X-amount of land in a country, for conservation purposes.  This idea was perfected in India and then imported to the US, under Grover Cleveland, and gained steam until Teddy Roosevelt snatched up 200 million acres into Federal hands.  Yes, the great National parks that he preserved are wonderful, and who can but praise Teddy for that accomplishment, but there was a larger agenda at work.  Those national parks that Teddy is remembered for are a paltry percentage of what eventually became federal lands west of the Mississippi — a full half.  The idea was to remove as much property as possible that could be inhabited or developed (some will yell, yea!  Save the planet!), but the goal was to slow and hinder American pioneer/entrepreneurial spirit, part of a multi-pronged effort to stop the American experiment that had been ongoing, over generations by “behind the curtain” traitors (of which Teddy Roosevelt was a pawn — before he reentered the political forum before his rise to the vice-presidency, and then, after McKinley’s assassination, the presidency, he was inducted into the Brit mindset in England — look it up) that had been active from the days of the Revolution.   

What’s my point?  The two pillars of liberalism these days, Collectivism (spreading other people’s money around in the interest of social justice while both removing the incentive for people to try and succeed on their own while creating a massive bureaucracy in charge of deciding who gets how much, opening the door to the obscene lobbying problem we now have) and conservation (putting the government in charge of protecting the environment, and as great as it sounds, the goal is to wield the EPA as a weapon to punish small-ish companies while protecting the giant polluters), these two pillars were created 170 years ago by the biggest, baddest, richest, most racist white guys (British aristocrat BEIC stockholders, followed for generations by their progeny) as weapons against the whole idea of America, of a free people ruling themselves (which they’ve hated from the beginning). 

These anti-Americanists (that highjacked our country over a century ago) are still around; they are the globalist elite.  They own our mass media; they hate Donald Trump, and they’re throwing everything including the kitchen sink at him, his family and people around him, to make sure that, at least, no one ever tries to challenge the status quo ever again.

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