Quantum Mechanics

Quantum mechanics is an extremely interesting branch of physics, one which I have studied a bit (as a layman). Quantum particles (on the scale of electrons, protons, muons, etc.) behave completely differently from macro-things like billiard balls. Sometimes they exhibit wave properties, sometimes the properties of particles. They show up where they’re not supposed to, one cannot simultaneously know both the position and momentum of a particle at the same time (the harder you try to pin down the one, the less you can know about the other), the simple act of looking at them changes their behavior, etc.

Richard Feynman once said, in a lecture (I’m paraphrasing), if you don’t understand it, don’t feel bad. No one does!

But scientists theorize. They have the parallel universe theory, string theory, all kinds of theories to try and explain the curious behavior of quantum particles (and if I’ve misrepresented any of this, cut me some slack, I’m not a physicist!).  Feynman, a Nobel prize co-winner, didn’t even try to explain it, really, he just figured out a great way to predict how the particles will behave (involving little diagrams with arrow-pointed curvy lines that turn like clocks and dotted lines to represent photons).

The point is, scientists can’t really explain quantum mechanics because they don’t fully understand the inner workings of energy and matter at the root of the spectrum of strange quantum behavior.

Which brings me to the politics of the 2016 election cycle, getting close to election day.  Wow, what a week!

Pundits, like quantum physicists trying to explain quantum mechanics, are trying to explain the actions of actors connected to the growing plethora of Clinton improprieties, but they’re just guessing; they put out a variety of theories (and get paid great for it, I’m sure), but they don’t really understand the inner workings of our country, nor the control this country’s invisible elite (I like to refer to them as the “men behind the curtain”) exert, or attempt to exert, over public figures.   (Or, maybe some of them have a clue, but know better not to let on what’s really going on.)

I find it astounding that no one in the mainstream media, not even at Fox news, has ever uttered a word about the Council on Foreign Relations, nor the private nature of the Federal Reserve.

Regarding Trump, either he doesn’t really understand the dark underbelly of the United States, or is smart enough and has chosen to remain silent about the real disease, and has rather chosen to restrict himself to describing the symptoms of the disease to voters, along with his intention to fix the problems.  (I seriously doubt that Donald Trump has that sort of self-control, but maybe he does.)

But if that’s the case, I wish him the best of luck.  If it’s the former that is the case, he’s in for some big surprises (if he’s elected).  And if he IS elected, I hope he’s smart enough to fire his Secret Service personnel and hire his own body guards.

Trump’s theory is that we have all these problems because our government is being and has been run by incompetents, by people that don’t have the people’s interests at heart, but rather those of the special interests and political donors (obstensively for monetary gain) … and in one breath that is true.  But it goes much further/deeper than that.

American manufacturing jobs have fled this country because the invisible elite deliberated, plotted, conspired and executed mechanizations (using regulations and the tax code) over the course of a century to purposefully and deliberately move our factories overseas.

American education sucks because the invisible elite deliberated, plotted, conspired and executed mechanizations over a century to purposefully and deliberately destroy the quality of education in this country.

Inner city crime, lack of jobs, the threat of terrorism, invasion of privacy, the destruction of the nuclear family, violence in the media and games and its impact on our kids, attacks on Christo-Judean values, inflation, high Obama-care premiums, you name it.  Everything you can complain about, everything that’s wrong with the way things are going in this country, it didn’t get this way by accident, or by some normal course of human affairs.  It was all carefully deliberated, plotted, conspired on and orchestrated by the invisible elite, via the control they wield over our institutions, media, laws, education, every aspect of our lives — over decades!

The goal of the invisible elite/ “men behind the curtain,” is (and always has been, going back to the Revolution) to destroy the American Republic, the “crazy” idea that people are born free and independent, the (historically) revolutionary idea that it’s the people of the country that should, by law, run the show.  (They HATE that!)

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is a self-funded true outsider (he says he is a “former insider,” but I seriously doubt he ever got close to the real inner circle like the Clinton’s have) … and if he does half the things he’s promised, he’ll blow this all up and erase 30 years of the work that the invisible elite have, at great expense, in planning, money and energy, accomplished toward their goal of finally destroying this Republic.  Maybe worse, he’ll really turn the tide, restore this country to its constitutional roots, and send the cockroaches (I’m not talking about the Clintons, I’m talking about the real people behind them) scurrying into their dark corners.

The “invisible elite,” their sites set on a major step toward their wet-dream of One World Government (some, they themselves, in fact, call it a “New World Order”) pursuant to the election of Hillary Clinton, have all their chips in the pot (which is why they are throwing everything, anything, at Trump through their media surrogates).  In their hand, they have Hillary, what they once regarded as a winning hand.  Every day, as evidence of Clinton-related scandals pile up (and, as long as Trump doesn’t shoot himself in the foot), their hand is looking weaker and weaker.

And they are FREAKING OUT!

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