Health Care

Insurance companies can’t be trusted, or expected, to not screw us, if government is involved. Free-market forces (which are not in play, presently) would force the insurance companies to compete. It’s not easy to correct the big mess we are in, but insurance companies pay off the politicians and get laws passed that enable them to screw us. (No selling insurance over State lines? Whose brilliant idea was that?)

Big government (universal health care run by bureaucrats, for example) is not the answer. Maybe it works relatively well in places like Japan (where everyone is honorable and no one tries to game the system, doctors’ and nurses’ wages are moderate, and health care kind of sucks — I lived there for 10 years) or in Sweden (which is a rich country because of it’s high natural resource-to-population ratio and the tax rate is through the roof, 59% individual for the higher bracket), but America is huge by comparison, and I know that the motivation of the people behind this push is malevolent. They created this crisis so that they could “fix” it.

The ruling elite (the people that really run, or try to run, the country from behind the scenes and that have been trying to socialize America for decades, and that were blind-sided by the election of Trump and are freaking out right now) want this, which is why I am against it. John Adams said, “Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.” Remember, the American experiment is the one and only single time in human history that a people stood up to their (British, in this case) overlords and said, F-you, we’re creating our own country where people are free … and against all odds, won!!! Our ancestors did that, and created the most successful, powerful country in the world where everyone wanted to come. The descendants of and/or adherents of the ideology of the British nobles (which is true to great extent) that we went up against and defeated, never gave up trying to stop America from succeeding, and a modern generation of “royalists,” the ‘global elite’ I call them (I could name names but I won’t) are using health care to finally crush the American spirit of independence and socialize the country on the road toward their wet-dream of “one-world government.”

I don’t know what else to say. They’ve pushed us into a corner where everyone is suffering, offering more big government to fix a big problem that they created. Please don’t fall for it. If the light of liberty goes out in America, it won’t ever come on again. All of the sacrifices of our heroes over two and a half centuries will be for naught.

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