Judge Napolitano steps on the third rail … and I don’t mean Israel

Former Superior Court Judge, senior Fox News analyst, 'Freedom Watch' host and hero to many Andrew Napolitano said on Alex Jones' radio program that it's –

"hard for me to believe that" World Trade Center building 7 "came down by itself", and that "twenty years from now, people will look at 9-11 the way we look at the assassination of JFK today. It couldn't possibly have been done the way the government told us."

Now Keith Olberman has named Fox News Channel president Roger Ailes he ("not really") 2nd "worst person in the world" …  because it appears Ailes may have to fire Napolitano – who is apparently under pressure from Glen Beck? Hannity?  and O'Reilly? to do so.  

Not sure what the facts really are regarding all that, but good for the Judge.  

More people need to stand up.  WTC7 didn't collapse because of fires, the collapse of the twin towers couldn't have been gravity driven, not unless the laws of physics were revoked that day.  Anyone who's bothered to look at these events with a marginally open mind should see it.   This in turn is the reason (or excuse given that) TSA employees are groping US citizens young and old when they decline going through potentially unsafe porno-scanners at airports.  

We are being bamboozled ( – just like we always have – simply in more and more audacious and grandiose ways), and we get to pay for it all with money that the FED keeps debasing while debts pile up to pay billions to the b@stards who are doing all this to us. 

It's enough to make you want to pick up a pitchfork sometimes.   But I do calm down a little bit when I see Judge Napolitano stand up to be counted.  

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  1. Richard Sinnott said,

    I read Napolitano's book some years back, and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I was surprised to see him go to work for Ailes.
    That he would stand up for the obvious is a very good thing indeed.  He had Geraldo Rivera on, and even Geraldo admitted that it appears the official story is a lie.
    This is progress.

  2. admin said,

    Yes agreed, it is progress.  Richard Gage should be given a medal – none of this legitimacy would have been possible without him.  

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