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Mike, the only way anyone can navigate all this crazy back and forth is to understand the history of the American Experiment. It came forth from the Enlightenment, within Freemasonry, but was so extreme to the traditional tenets of (pro-monarchal) Freemasonry that new chapters were created (by a few of the founders, Franklin being the leader. One of these was ‘Free and Accepted’, and I forgot the other one, that Washington was a member of). Opposition rose it’s head with the Essex Junto (allies/cousins of BEIC stockholder aristocrats in Britain) who fought to stop the Revolution from succeeding (they failed), tried to crush America during the War of 1812 (during which they gained the nickname ‘Bluelighters’ for using blue lanterns to signal to British ships trying to get through the blockade), and, leading up to the Civil War, during which period the Anti-American elite backed both Abolitionists in the North and Secessionists in the South (while arming and funding terrorists headed to Kansas), Scottish Rite Freemasonry in the colonies opened their first lodge in Charleston.

They did start a war, but alas, the anti-Americanists lost when Lincoln and the Union won. They didn’t give up, though, they simply went underground, committed to taking the country over from the inside, and are still with us. Their (blood, or corporate, or ideological) descendants managed to get control of our money (Federal Reserve Act), much of our educational institutions, media, and political machinery (no one should be surprised, they’ve been at it for a century) and then, just as they were poised to finally turn America back into a slave-colony (far more technologically advanced and effective than any of their forebears could imagine), Donald Trump came along and started putting things in America right again. I never thought I’d see it. He stormed the bus, took the wheel, and turned the bus around away from the globalist cliff we were headed toward. Thank goodness. It’s a great time to be an American.

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