Japan disaster

Sort of in a holding-pattern here, I spent the last 10 years living in Japan, trying to keep in touch with my friends, freaking out.  

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  1. KrNel said,

    Sad shit indeed.  Some brave 100 workers will die to try and save everyone…that reactor situation isn't looking good. 🙁

  2. elreb said,

    Follow the yellow brick Torii road to Hawaii…we need more Pagodas…

  3. elreb said,

    Sanders, I feel better, now that you are feeling better.
    One of my students just received his PhD. [Does that make me a “Grand Master”?
    I HAD said, Akhenaten stated…to the effect that the duties of a “good shepherd” and of a “good king” were much alike; a good shepherd ought, while deriving benefit from his flocks, to make them happy [so far as sheep can be said to have happiness], and in the same way the king ought to make his people and his cities happy, if he would derive benefits from them.
    Seeing that Akhenaten held this theory, it is not at all surprising that he was ambitious to surpass all other men in attention to his friends.
    Apparently over time, the “good kings” traded their “good flocks” for a den of” “Wolves”…because the king was now a Sheep.

  4. admin said,


    Nice comment.


    (uhmmm, Amun comes to mind!?)

  5. elreb said,

    I wonder how much money has been collected and squandered by all these “Bible Thumping” quacks that have no clue…what so ever as to the real “Hay Zeus” and the example that he had set.

    “Great kindness from the heart”…comes from the top down…not from the bottom up!

    An Advisor once asked him…why he never built a treasure to keep his wealth in.

    His answer was, “My people are my wealth”. 

    To make a point, he sent out messengers throughout his entire empire asking for a $100 donation. 

    To the Advisor’s surprise…everyone sent in $1000 each. After seeing the results….all the donations were returned.

    Ask the “Pope” to do that…

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