Watch closely folks.  BoA is a Vatican aligned bank – at least it was at its inception, when it was the 'Bank of Italy'.   J. P . Morgan declared war on the upstart bank when it was formed in California at the beginning of the 20th century.   He vowed to "crush it".

BoA was not involved in the formation of the Federal Reserve, it stands outside of the "dragon"-aligned banks, yet leads the world in consumer deposits.  Watch as the FED-aligned J.P. Morgan and Goldman banks use their influence to finally crush BoA.  

You might be (or probably are not) wondering where Wells Fargo fits in to this.   Wells Fargo is sort of on the fringe – it was not involved in setting up the FED, but Jacob Schiff and Paul Warburg sat on its board … Wells Fargo is a big question mark.


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