To Subscribers:

Greetings, any subscribers out there, thank you sincerely for your interest.  As you might have noticed, I’ve moved to a new URL –

Anyway, my skills relative to RSS feeds and the like are weak, and I wanted to know if notification of new posts is getting to you (via RSS?) and if you are provided a link to the site at the new URL or at the old one (

If anyone could post a comment and help me figure out if everything’s working or not, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Chris said,


    These are all active, checked via the digg feedreader at


  2. admin said,

    Thanks Chris!

    I guess that means, the feeds are getting out?

  3. Chris said,

    Yes…the feeds are getting out. If you subscribe to the Digg Newsreader, you could subscribe to these feeds yourself, to confirm postings are happening.

    You could also enable the option (checkbox) that when ticked, notifies via email when a comment has been replied to.

  4. admin said,

    Thanks, Chris, I super appreciate it. Cheers!

  5. Lincoln said,

    All of the links are not working. I've been posting countless comments on youtube about UROKO with no reply!

  6. admin said,

    @ Lincoln, I'm very sorry.  I'm not as net-savy as I should be.  What links are not working?  Give me a link to where those comments reside, or comment here, and I will reply.  

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