Transgrender Mania

I’m going to post something here that may shed some light on some of the crazy stuff going on. Call it a theory, call it whatever, but I really feel there is some connection here, and it floors me every time the news tells me I might be right. Sorry, this might be a little long.

If you dig deep into the roots of the moneyed elite — I’m speaking of the core American Aristocrats from the planters until the early 20th century — they seem to be almost entirely Norman of ancestry.  The deal for much of that period was, The British East India Company owned the world, and America-living cousins of aristocrats in Britain were given a pass to profit from lucrative slave-trading and opium-peddling markets that the BEIC/DEIC otherwise had a monopoly on. Families Perkins, Russel, Peabody, Roosevelt, Forbes, Low come to mind.

These are all Norman descended families, in fact (I’ve done the genealogy) all claim an ancestor that fought with William the Conqueror when he conquered England in 1066 and gave (nearly) all of the land of England to his Norman cousins and friends that helped him on the battlefield.

Now, the Normans were really Vikings in French clothing. Rollo the Viking (or ‘the Walker,’ said to be too large for a horse to carry him) caused so much havoc in northern France that Charles ‘the Simple’ give him Normandy to appease him. Soon after, the Normans (all they knew how to do, or were good at, was to invade and conquer places) conquered southern Italy and Sicily.  England was next.

So, essentially, we have (I mean the world, in general) been conquered by Vikings in business suits. (With the caveat that a couple of Jewish European banking families were invited into the club in the later half of the 19th Century — Rothschild, Warburg. And well, with Trump’s successes so far, the Jury is still out on all of that.)

Now if you dig enough, you discover that the Vikings, or more correctly, the Aesir and Vanir tribes, hail originally from Troy.  The Icelandic annals place Asgard in the fields of Mt. Ida (in Annatolia), and Napolean had a genealogy done that traces the Merovingian kings straight back to the kings of Troy.  They taught us in school (if you were lucky) all about the Romans and the Greeks, but why almost nothing about the Trojans? It’s the descendants of Trojans (sounds crazy, but hold your thoughts) that took over the world. Paris is named for a Trojan king. The French city of Troye was named for the fallen Anatolian city.

Anatolia (modern Turkey) was home to pretty crazy religions at the time (Hellenic era), the cult of Cybele, and after her cult was merged with that of the Greek Zeus, that of Sabazios. Saba = Cybele, and Zios = Zeus. Sabazios was depicted as a nude horseman and was the original inspiration for George the ‘Dragon Slayer,’ whose Red Cross on white was the symbol of the Templars and the original flag of England.

Hundreds of ‘votive hands of Sabazios’ have been found in Turkey and northern Syria, bronze hands with the 1st and 2nd fingers extended and the 3rd and 4th held by the thumb, and many religiously-relevant objects (the pine cone being very prominent — Cybele’s lover, Attis, was driven crazy by her love and castrated himself, to be reborn as a pine tree. His is the original resurrection myth. The pine cone also represents the pineal gland, our “third eye,” thought by ancients to be the window to the spiritual world).

The cult of Sabazios (I can’t say for sure about that of Cybele) had some odd practices. The initiation of a new priest involved a wild orgy, drinking, a cacophony of noise, cymbals and drums (to drown out what, I can only imagine) and finally, the wanna-be priest self-castrated himself in a drunken, religious frenzy and hung his newly freed genitals on a pine tree (gee, where do you think we got one of our Christmas traditions from?) — and the new ‘Galli priest’ performed his duties from then forward wearing women’s clothing. History’s first ‘trans,’ I guess. This “religion” was so popular that when it spread to Rome, the Romans were forced to recognize it officially.

If you image-Google Corybantes and Zeus, you will see these Trojan soldiers dancing around the infant Zeus, banging their shields to drown out the infant’s cries (to hide him from child-eating Chronus). I can’t help but see the correlation to the percussion-banging musicians of the rituals that Sebazios-cult members were privy to.

What the hell does any of this have to with any of us? The Council of Foreign Relations, the most powerful unseen organization in our country, has, as it’s logo, Sabazios, naked, on his horse, extending his arm with the ‘votive hand of Sabazios’ pose with the 1st and 2nd fingers extended. Secondly, the secretive ‘rings within rings’ architecture of secretive organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations was perfected in Anatolia under our overlord’s ancestors, the Trojans. (Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I took it too far, but what the hell is Sabazios doing on the Council on Foreign Relations’ official logo!!??!!)

And do the elite of the elite have some kind of obsession with transgenderism?  Or are they just trying to de-masculanize the US so it’s easier to manage (good luck with that), or are they really trying to encourage a “dualistic” identity crisis in our society? What is their angle? I really can’t figure it out.  But with Sabazios being the Council on Foreign Relations’ mascot, I couldn’t help but point it out.  Food for thought.

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