Scott Wolter and Calalus

Scott Wolter is a forensic geologist who has a show on H2 (a spinoff of the History Channel, I think), titled 'America Unearthed.' If you haven't seen it, it's a great show.  

I live in Tucson now, how crazy is it that in 1924 artifacts, iron crosses, swords and the like, were unearthed right here on the outskirts of town, on Silverbell Road, which appear to indicate that a group of about 700 migrants from Europe crossed the ocean and settled in what is now Arizona in or about the year … 800 A.D.!  After studying the artifacts (which are sitting on shelves at the Arizona Historical Society here in Tucson), Wolter concluded, judging by the caliche and mineral deposits which cover the iron artifacts and the time it takes for these processes to occur, that the artifacts are genuine.  (!) 

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  1. Don Hendrix said,

    You should go down to the AHS and see the “artifacts” , which are on display now. The Wolter show was laugh-out-loud funny. He appears to know very little about geology, history, or anything else, other than how to make a living exploiting people’s lack of critical thinking skills via television. There is a great deal of real evidence about the relics and no one, who is not trying to make a buck, appears to believe that they are anything but modern fakes.

  2. admin said,

    The cross of Lorraine is inscribed twice on these artifacts. I have talked to Scott directly. Deposits on the inscriptions show that the artifacts are at least hundreds of years old.

  3. tom dunkle said,

    The artifacts are real. The children of Calalus walk among you today.

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