Jonathan Hoenig …

Just said, on (Fox’s) Kennedy, that “Nationalism is just another form of Collectivism.”  WHAT???

American “nationalism” is not like Nazi “National-Socialism,” or any other sort of fascism promoted as nationalism, at any other point in history or around the word, and it’s definitely not a form of Collectivism.  It is its opposite.  IN FACT, the whole idea of Collectivism was first presented to the world by Karl Marx, who wrote his works under the tutelage of Frederick Engels and under the patronage of Lord Palmerston’s British aristocracy in the mid-19th century (IN ENGLAND!), specifically to combat the spread of American-style Capitalism in Germanic States that were (circa 1840s) experiencing a renaissance and threatening the profit margins of British mill lords and their Manchester-based textile industry.

Collectivism was INVENTED specifically to combat the spread of the ideas of American Independence and American-style Capitalism.  It was invented, actually, to protect the idea of a ruling class whose rank and “right-to-rule” was, supposedly, divine; while the idea of a people ruling themselves via their elected representatives was, to quote William Garrison, (one of our country’s great traitors, who described the US Constitution as …) “the most bloody and heaven-daring arrangement ever made by men for the continuation and protection of the most atrocious villainy ever exhibited on earth.”

The best way I think I can put it is, the idea of “Collectivism” is a stop-gap, invented by the ruling elite, to push aside the (very successful) ideas that made the USA the most powerful and prosperous country on Earth, and move backward toward THEIR ideal form of government, which is feudalism.

Sorry, Jonathan Hoenig.  As I suspected, you’re an idiot.

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