Skull and Bones and the OSS

Nice little piece I bumped into …

Gets a little into the connections between the three universities best known for supplying the nation's "spooks" during the post-war period, Yale, Columbia and Princeton, i.e. the fact that important financers of Columbia and Princeton as well as Elihu Yale and Skull and Bones co-founder William H. Russell had all been involved in the opium trade – either as partners at Russell and Co. or involvement with the British East India Company earlier (as is the case with Elihu Yale).

This bit is instructive too … 

The Whitney-Stimson-Bundy- links are a vertical "chain". 

W. C. Whitney('63),(Married Flora Payne of Standard Oil Paynes) was Secretary of the Navy and his attorney was Elihu Root. Root hired Henry Stimson('88), out of law school. Stimson took over from Root as Secretary of War in 1911, appointed by his fellow Bonesman William Howard Taft. Stimson later became Coolidge's Governor-General of the Philippine Islands, Hoover's Secretary of State and Roosevelt's and Truman's Secretary of War. 

Hollister Bundy('09), was Stimson's special assistant and point man in the Pentagon for the Manhattan Project. He brought along his two sons, also members of Skull & Bones, William Bundy('39) and McGeorge Bundy('40), who were very active in governmental and foundation affairs. 

The two brothers, from positions in the CIA, Department of Defense and State and as Special Assistant to Presidents Kennedy and Johnson, could have had significant impact on the flow of information and intelligence during the Vietnam "War". 

William went on to be editor of Foreign Affairs, the influential quarterly of the Council on Foreign Affairs(CFR). 

McGeorge became president of the Ford Foundation… 


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